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We buy and eat


midorin room

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  • Profile of midorin

 It was born in October same as Midori Ward. We live in forest and forest of Midori Ward.
 The skill good at photosynthesizes! It sucks in carbon dioxide and contributes to prevention of global warming by producing oxygen.
 But is part wrapped in mystery in the profile still more ...? Please love for a long time, everybody.


It is "midorin"! Thank you

midorin to walk   midorin which jumps   midorin to think about

 Clothes design tree "Kaede" of Midori Ward and letter of "mi" in motif with green leaf.
 On cheeks, we design petal of purple of flower "silane" of Midori Ward.

<reference> [press release] Nickname of Midori Ward character was decided!

It is page that work of midorin can download.
As anything is simple work, you make casually together, and please enjoy.

It is page that wall paper of midorin can download.

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