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Midori Ward passion mall

Nakayama mall Kirigaoka Store Association Nagatsuta mall Green new Sakae meeting Kamoi dealer Sakae meeting Association of Tokaichiba store society Yatsu Tahara dealer Sakae meeting Tokaichiba main street Store Association Takeyama housing complex center Store Association
  • Kamoi dealer Sakae meetingKamoi dealer Sakae meeting
    Kamoi dealer Sakae meeting ■The location
    The neighborhood of 1, Kamoi - 4
    ■The number of the stores
    ■Parking lot
     Kamoi dealer Sakae meeting which was born to completion of JR Kamoi Station is eminent hometown coherence type mall in ward. In Web site "kamoi-town .com which we launched in this February," information of event and Neighborhood Association activities such as festivals performed in Kamoi is full loading as well as shop information. We are going to perform information dispatch using Twitter.
    The special year-end sale (from 1 to 10 on December)
    During period, lotteries which "Narita mountain bus tour" others gorgeousness prize hits when we do shopping more than 3.000 yen close in member shop.
  • Takeyama housing complex center Store AssociationTakeyama housing complex center Store Association
    Takeyama housing complex center Store Association ■The location
    Takeyama 3
    ■The number of the stores
    ■Parking lot
    Available (pay) ※There is service
     Turnout that plans such as flea market or the special year-end sale are carried out as for this Store Association located in housing complex, and 10,000 lot of the special year-end sale appears. We serve electricity of crime prevention light by photovoltaic power generation from 2005 and perform eco-activity.
    Takeyama fireworks display
    Fireworks display to be held every year in July is popular event as people overflow from mall. Monkey trainer and fair carry out, too.
    Year-end sale
  • Nakayama mallNakayama mall
    Nakayama mall ■The location
    ■The number of the stores
    ■Parking lot
    Available (pay)
     We make an effort every day since "Nakayama quotient Sakae meeting" of forerunner started in 1946 to be able to enjoy shopping for relief, security to visitor in center, Nakayama of Midori Ward.
     We become LED light of street light, and Lily stamps that events that are pleasant "torasshubasutazu" working on cleaning on every Monday are varied are masterpieces of the activity. As you update the latest information at any time in Nakayama mall homepage, Facebook, look at this by all means.

    Homepage is this place

    Nakayama festival (November 3)
    Nakayama festival to perform on Bon festival dance meet, November 3 to perform on last Saturday and Sunday of July is full of visitors that there is many every year. We lay emphasis on "a lot of a lot of flowers, people" business to color town of Nakayama in hydrangea or ground pink now.
  • Green new Sakae meetingGreen new Sakae meeting
    Green new Sakae meeting ■The location
    ■The number of the stores
    ■Parking lot
     In restaurant street eminent Midori Ward, 90% of member shop is restaurant. Town where flavor of some Showa remains,
    Green new Sakae meeting!
    The tenth year close as for the decoration of the Star Festival given glory to every year by narrow route. It is vaunted one of our meetings. Many unique shops. Please look for favorite shop; ...

     Homepage is this place

    Enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance meet (July)
    Bon festival dance to continue after mall organization of 1974 as place of exchange with local people. With handmade stand of member of green new Sakae meeting, both adult and child do well very much. Woman part dancing in tower is unmissable!
  • Yatsu Tahara dealer Sakae meetingYatsu Tahara dealer Sakae meeting
    Yatsu Tahara dealer Sakae meeting ■The location
    Kitahassakucho, Oyama-cho area
    ■The number of the stores
    ■Parking lot
     Right community-based Store Association that most member shops serve as officer of local Neighborhood Association. We carry out anti-crime program patrol and cleaning, mowing of park and lay emphasis on livable town development.
    Contact Festival (October)
    It is local resident and interchange event with mall.
  • Tokaichiba main street Store AssociationTokaichiba main street Store Association
    Tokaichiba main street Store Association ■The location
    ■The number of the stores
    ■Parking lot
     As for this Store Association formed along cyclic Route 4 in 1990, product sales, restaurant accounts for most.
    The special year-end sale (from the beginning of December)
    We can pull triangle lottery in member shop.
    Cherry tree stamp
  • Kirigaoka Store AssociationKirigaoka Store Association
    Kirigaoka Store Association ■The location
    Kirigaoka 3.5 chome
    ■The number of the stores
    ■Parking lot
    Available (free)
     Kirigaoka Store Association which there is in Kirigaoka shopping center. We hold fair of (September) and year-end bargain sale event in autumn twice a year.
  • Nagatsuta mallNagatsuta mall
    Nagatsuta mall ■The location
    The neighborhood of 2, Nagatsuta - 6
    ■The number of the stores
    ■Parking lot
     Town full of human empathy that prospered as post town of Daisen Highway, and ever entertained many travelers. We value contact with visitor through fun event and mall activity of the four seasons and passionate work on cheerful town structure full of smiles.
    "♪♪" that nagatsuta ryo cousin 1 degree is in
    We wait for coming of all of you heartily.
    November 3 (holiday) "Nagatsuta festival"
    "Nagatsuta festival" is held this year on November 3 (holiday). At specialty of Nagatsuta mall "tuna dismantling show," delicious tuna can try to approximately 1,000 people free.
    In all of you fun!

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