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Child adventure 2018 in Midori Ward venue

 We held on Friday, August 17, 2018.
 As we publish report, please see by all means.

 "Child adventure" is event to provide opportunity of experience of "working" from viewpoint of career education and "interchange with person" using average during period in summer vacation.
In 2018, we carried out [program that on the day can participate freely] and [program needing prior application]  as venue at Midori Ward government offices so that children of Midori Ward participated at imminent place.
 All of you who had you arrive, thank you.

Program flyer
Flyer (pdf/1,586kb)

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On the day program that can participate freely


midorinkizzu experience D program number: 57

 → Report [pdf/209kb]


The date and time: Friday, August 17, 2018 from 10:00 to 16:00
Object: Primary and secondary student of city residence, attendance at school
Place: Midori Ward government office, green public hall (118, Terayamacho)
    Midori fire department (93-1, Nakayamamachi)
    (JR, municipal subway Nakayama Station 5-minute walk)
    ※Receptionist is the first floor of the Midori Ward government office piloti
Inquiry: Midori Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division TEL045-930-2228

(1) We test with model of fuel cell-powered car! (non profit organization ground Eco / Ward Administration Promotion Division)

 By hydrogen generation, let's run model of fuel cell-powered car! We can experience various energy, too.

(2) Let's know work of engineering works office (green earth tree office)

 We participate in quiz about road or sewage, park, and let's know work of green earth tree office!

(3) Backside tanken of green public hall! (green public hall)

 We participate in tour except the backside of the stage, and intellect will experience the stage!
<conduct time> The first from 10:00 to 10:30, the second from 11:00 to 11:30
         The third from 13:30 to 14:00, the fourth from 14:30 to 15:00
<capacity> By each ten times (first-come-first-served basis)

(4) Summer vacation child welfare experience (Midori Ward Council of Social Welfare / green heart barrier-free executive committee)

 What is not appreciated if blind? Let's think that we can help!

(5) Ride and classification fishing game (Regional Promotion Division Resources Reuse Promotion / Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau green office) of garbage truck

 We will get on driver's seat of garbage truck (3R dream car)! By classification fishing game, we can learn right classification.

(6) Let's learn right hand-washing! (Health Sanitation Division)

 Using hand-washing checker, let's confirm whether we can wash our hands definitely!

(7) Green reduce disaster damage, disaster prevention classroom (General Affairs Division disaster prevention charge)

 We learn about disaster prevention, and let's make use for the everyday preparation!

(8) We become the mayor, and let's save town! (the Midori Ward Electoral Management Committee)

 We become the mayor and clear mission, and all will make livable town!

(9) We become police officer, and let's follow security/safety of Midori Ward (association of Kanagawa green police department / green anti-crime program / Regional Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section)

 We become child police officer and will write patrol card!
 (13:00 ...)

(10) Announcer experience (ittsu communications / Ward Administration Promotion Division)
 We become announcer, and let's introduce Midori Ward towards television camera!
<conduct time> 10:30 - 11:30/13:00 - 14:00/14:30 - 15:30
 ※Reception desk until ten minutes before each time end time

(11) Fire drills masterpiece war of midsummer! (Midori fire department)

 We participate in training such as drainage and will experience work of firefighting!
 ※Appearance (skirt sandals impossibility) that exercise is possible

・(1)Midori Ward government office or green public hall, (11) make Midori fire department venue and accept ... (10) in piloti on the first floor of the Midori Ward government office.


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Program that needs prior application

Work experience (Health and Welfare Division) program number of dietician: 59

 From meal that balance has good first step to professional of meal! By meal diagnosis system, we experience nutrition consultation happily. → Report [pdf/263kb]

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It is anti-crime program workshop (Midori Ward Regional Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section / Kanagawa green police department ) program number in parent and child: 55

 Let's practice action for children to protect own body happily while moving body! → Report [pdf/190kb]

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Let's know rainwater adjustment reservoir! (green earth tree office) program number: 18

 We learn role of rainwater adjustment reservoir biotope and we work and have an experience necessary for creature observation and maintenance. → Report [pdf/295kb]


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Hall staff work experience (Midori, Yokohama-shi inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center green art park) program number: 56

 Experience that works of hall staff! There is usually visit of sound room backstage and lighting not to be able to be set, too. → Report [pdf/188kb]

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Mac adventure (McDonald's Japan Nakayama shop) program number: 58

 We cook hamburger and sell and will experience work of McDonald's! → Report [pdf/113kb]



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Program concerned


Library expeditionary party (Midori Library)

 We learn structure of library and look for book with search machine and will experience rental and return of book.

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The results of past "child adventure in Midori Ward venue"

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