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Public information yokohamamidori ward version

October, 2017 (Heisei 29) issue

Special feature 1: Citizen of Midori Ward Festival 2017 forest and green festival (PDF file: 1.12MB)

Special feature 2: For your life flower (PDF file: 1.21MB)

News, column: 8-12 (PDF file: 2.38MB)

Public information yokohamamidori ward version text version (open data)

 We offer public information yokohamamidori ward version by text data.
 Text data offer page
 We can use text of public information yokohamamidori ward version as open data.
 After checking attention about license, please inflect for application, intelligence using administrative services and event information.


 ●As for the plan after next month of "news from health", please see healthy page, child care, education page medical care


 ●It is this about public information yokohama shiban

Public information yokohamamidori ward version
The latest issue

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Public information yokohamamidori ward version back number

 As publication contents are things at the time of issuance, contents may be different from the present.

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Guidance about public information paper distribution

 "We receive the public information side" and issue every (city version, ward version) for one day a month and, in Yokohama-shi, distribute information paper about municipal administration with "news of prefecture" through Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and public information distribution group. Specifically, please refer to Public Relations Section.

Acquisition method of "public information yokohama" and "news of prefecture"

"Public information yokohama" and acquisition method of "news of prefecture" have three ways of next.

  1. We join Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Association
    When there is Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations in area, we are distributed through Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Association when we join.
  2. We make public information distribution group
    When area does not have Neighborhood Association or Neighborhood Associations, and apartment and apartment, the number of the households including company house register as public information distribution group when it is gathered up to some extent, we can distribute through there. Specifically, please refer to Public Relations Section.
  3. We use PR box.
    When it is difficult to obtain through group, please use "Yokohama-shi PR box". It is installed in public space with many station, ward office, civic use including bank. Firstly public information paper is installed every month.

Setting point of PR box

  • Midori Ward government office
  • Green library
  • Green art park
  • Green sports center
  • District center (Hakusan, Nagatsuta, Tokaichiba, Wakabadai)
  • Community care plaza (Higashihongo, Nagatsuta, Kamoi, Kirigaoka)
  • It is Zhuang green faintly
  • Service counter in the city hall (Nagatsuta Station, Yokohama Station)
  • Green post office
  • (fortune) wisteria Kotobuki or garden
  • Harmony green (Midori Ward Council of Social Welfare)
  • Yamashita area interchange center
  • Niihari village forest interchange center (old Okutsu's house)
  • Green tennis garden
  • Midori Ward social movement support center
  • Higashihongo Elementary School community house
  • Ibukino Elementary School community house
  • Takeyama Elementary School community house
  • Stand elementary school community house of forest
  • Yamashita Midoridai Elementary School community house
  • Kirigaoka community house
  • Green earth tree office
  • Midori Ward area child care support base ippo
  • Bank of Yokohama (Nakayama Branch, Nagatsuta Branch, Takeyama Branch, the Tokaichiba branch, Kamoi station square Branch)
  • Yokohama Shinkin Bank (Nakayama Branch, the Tokaichiba branch, the Kamoi branch)
  • JR (Kamoi Station, Nakayama Station, Tokaichiba Station, Nagatsuta Station), Tokyu Nagatsuta Station, municipal subway (Green Line) Nakayama Station
  • Toyo Eiwa University
  • Suzukakedai campus attached to Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Green prefectural tax office
  • Art forum Azamino
  • Maruetsu Nagatsuta store

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