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Green photonews

Hidamari handmade bazaar does well very much on Sunday, June 10, 2018!

Hidamari handmade bazaar

 In Nagatsutaminamidai, "Hidamari" of citizen group which moved into action for interchange of multi-generations held the twelfth handmade bazaar.
 Part of branch and event of lawn space was called off for weather to fall of gentle rain from morning, but was full of people who enjoyed manufacturing in person and workshop which bought handmade work.
 It was one booth and we did shopping and stamp rally which collected three stamps became completely familiar and gained popularity more than 500 yen.
 Light that warm with atmosphere that is nostalgic as for the lighting equipment which Arai Electric firm holding store near Nakayama Station remakes scrap wood of furniture this time at the first branch, and made of visitors got a lot of looks.
 Person who visited bazaar told, "state of bazaar was useful very much as oneself made playing house set of miniature with woodwork".
 Next holding is plan on Sunday, September 9.
 For more details, please refer to Regional Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section telephone 930-2237.

※Activity of "Hidamari" receives adoption of Midori Ward area problem challenge suggestion business in 2018  

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"We dug potato with parent and child, and Midori Ward local production for local consumption course held experience" on Sunday, June 3, 2018

We dig potato with parent and child and experience

 After having been taught crop method by farming family, we move to field of potato. Everybody who participated pulled leaf of potato all at once. Furthermore, children were absorbed in protectors and dug potato in soil when there was advice from farming family saying it was saying "potato is still filled up in soil without leaf".
 After the crop, it is time for sampling. We enjoyed taste of not soggy potato which we steamed with bamboo steamer. Participants had another serving of ketchup or butter using favorite seasoning a lot.
 We perform harvest of corn experience on Friday, July 6. Please apply.

 About Midori Ward local production for local consumption course, it is this.

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Social movement is interesting on Saturday, June 2, 2018! Green "person, town" school opens a course

Green person town school

 "Community development college of collaboration of Midori Ward," it was performed meeting emidorimude with the fourth graduate 15 opening of a course type in 2018 of "green "person, town" school".
 Katsunori Fujimura (representative of around Kamoi Station town development society) who is engaged in administration of "person, town" school as navigator after lecture of "cyclical convection of learning and practice" of Tadahiko Nawata (Hosei University's professor, Chairperson at Yokohama-shi community-based welfare health planning development, promotion Committee, Midori Ward residence) of president of school of personal resources as relationship and purpose of life of health and social movement effectively utilized, and told in analysis only by Fujimura who had been performing local action for many years including abundance of the field of of local action.
 In the exchange meeting of the afternoon when completion student of 2.3 quarters acted as host progress, it was in place of the making of connection to show smile.
 Student is going to make "dream plan" that is concrete activity plan through advice around own mind zukiya to the seventh scheme of the end of October.

 The details of green "person, town" school this (offer of student is finished in 30)

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Midori Ward photo workshop "takes car-inspecting section!" on Friday, June 1, 2018 We are holding exhibition

Exhibition to take car-inspecting section

 Photograph lesson for primary schoolchildren was held in Tokyu Nagatsuta car-inspecting section on Saturday, May 12.
 Primary schoolchild photographed scenery and train which we looked at from car-inspecting section, person who worked.
 We display photograph which midorin chose among the inside where is full of masterpieces in Tokyu Denentoshi Line Nagatsuta Station concourse during from Friday, June 1 to Sunday, July 1. Please come to see.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018 2018 "green environment action" impeller commendation

Green environmental action

 It commended individual and group in Midori Ward which contributed to promotion such as "Yokohama 3R dream plan, de-warming" or "town planning that was beautiful with cleanliness". Ten prize winners this year are 2 groups.
 We introduce won everybody.

Part (individual) of "3R, de-warming" promotion
Hideo Kobayashi (sanhojiku)
Kozo Koizumi (Nagatsuta district)
Fumi Hikita Ken (Nagatsuta district)

Part (individual) of "town planning that is beautiful with cleanliness" promotion
Katsuichi Hara (Higashihongo district)
Takao Suzuki (Kamoi district)
Field Isao (Takeyama district)
Koji Kaneko (Shinji Chuubu District)
Tomiko Kondo (Yamashita district)
Toshiko Hirakata (Tokaichiba housing complex district)
Hiroshi Ozaki (Kirigaoka district)

Part (group) of "town planning that is beautiful with cleanliness" promotion
Meeting "hand of cat" of Hakusan volunteer (Hakusan district)
New Kotobuki meeting (the Shinji Western Province)

Prize winners, congratulations.

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"Day spring festival of child forest" was held in forest of Shinji citizen on Sunday, May 13, 2018

 We worship in spring on day of child forest

 Of forest of Shinji citizen was good, and hit, and, in open space, "festival was held in spring on day of child forest" by forest protection fair sponsorship of Shinji citizen.
 Both the cause, adult of instruction of all of protection society and child were made with the first picked tea of this year and enjoyed the making of firewood of shiitake, bamboo work product.
 At noon, handmade "pork miso soup" is served, is breath relievedly. In participant, there was person who had bowl of bamboo which we made by oneself on the day serve.
 Finally on the day the first picked tea of this year which we made is distributed, and festival is finished.
 We enjoyed a spring time in village forest together.

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Midori Ward photo workshop "takes car-inspecting section!" on Saturday, May 12, 2018 But, it was held

 We take car-inspecting section!

 Closed Nagatsuta car-inspecting section was usually released to participant of this event in particular by cooperation of TOKYU Corporation.
 Participant is resident primary schoolchild and protector total number 47 in Midori Ward. We photographed scenery from train and car-inspecting section, person who worked freely.

 Big train which approaches in front because Tokyu Denentoshi Line does not have railroad crossing and rarely has that we look up at train from bottom is force full loading. Cheers broke out from participant.
 In addition, Nagatsuta Station was seen in point of track having been continued since car-inspecting section, and everybody enjoyed scenery of unusual Nagatsuta.

 After shooting party, children who participated made photoframe and announced hot thought to train.

 Midori Ward character "midorin" chooses photograph which primary schoolchild photographed by this event one piece of one.
 We display chosen photograph in Tokyu Nagatsuta Station nagatsuta art station (from Friday, June 1 to Sunday, July 1) and the first floor of the Midori Ward government office elevator hall (from Tuesday, July 10 to 27th (Fri)).
 Please come to see scenery of town which we looked at from the inside and car-inspecting section of car-inspecting section which can rarely enter by all means.

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Village forest garden Midori Ward DAY was held on Sunday, April 22, 2018!

 Midori Ward DAY

 In opening village forest garden, attractive PR event of Midori Ward was held now.
 In heat not to think of to be April, workshop "will make midoringuzzu!" Then everybody made favorite midoringuzzu.
 Voluntary product sale with person with a disability facility in photography corner and ward with midorin was full of visitors, too.
 We hold village forest garden festival until Sunday, May 6. Other than "welcome garden" and "large flower bed to color with flower of Yokohama," scenery that carp streamer swims all at once in field mustard field of Tando is the highlight. Do you not go out by all means?

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"Midori Ward DAY" is held in village forest garden on Monday, April 16, 2018

Village forest garden 1 Village forest garden 2

 Event "Midori Ward DAY" publicizing charm of Midori Ward in opening village forest garden is held now on Sunday, April 22.
 At large flower bed more than 1 hectare, ranunculus, pansy, baby blue-eyes reach in full bloom. Laboratory dish poppy grew taller, too.
 In village forest garden, do you not enjoy flower and green and event this weekend?
 ※Please confirm event contents from event introduction page

Village forest garden 3 Village forest garden 4

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Kamoi ekikon was held on the 44th on Sunday, April 15, 2018!

Kamoi ekikon

 "Kamoi ekikon" to plan because "around Kamoi Station town development society" formed in local inhabitants enlivened area met the 44th.
 Song and dance by "marimba kids" and "The GRACE" were shown this time. Many everybodies who visited Kamoi Station for beautiful singing voice of marimba and "The GRACE" which children played forgot time and enjoyed.
 The 45th next Kamoi ekikon is scheduled on Sunday, September 16, 2018. Don't miss it!

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"We take Midori Ward!" on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 We are holding exhibition at ward office!


 At Midori Ward government office, we are holding photocontest no winning a prize, winning work product exhibition "taking Midori Ward!" until Friday, April 13.
 We show display of panel of judge Prize 4 work, 51 winning works and all application 424 works with monitor.
Please enjoy work clogged up with seasonal scenery, charm of Midori Ward.
"We take Midori Ward!" List of winning a prize, winning work products

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