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Of Onozaki Director General and midorin fall; love ♡ talk

Director General interviews everybody playing an active part in area; "fell, and love ♡ talk" started!

※Until the Heisei 26-28 year, it is held as "green person ∞ navigator of Natori Director General & midorin"
※Until the Heisei 23-25 year, it is held as "inhabitant of a ward and Director General nokomorebi talk"


All of you whom we met so far

The number of times The date Group name When we click photograph
On the day state of talk that we carried out
We can see
1 Monday, August 7, 29 Shrine root flower road flower and green meeting  Shrine root flower road flower and green meeting
2 Tuesday, December 12, 29 Tokaichiba housing complex district
Plan promotion committee according to district
 Plan promotion committee according to Tokaichiba housing complex district district
3 Thursday, January 25, 30 mazapurasu  mazapurasu
1 Wednesday, October 3, 30 Couple Hill park protection society  Couple Hill park protection society

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