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Opinion, suggestion to Midori Ward government office, Yokohama-shi

 In Midori Ward, we lay emphasis on public hearing with public information to tell about information of ward.
 We hear "voice" put directly or indirectly by citizen's everybody widely and do purpose of public hearing and are to let measure and business of city and ward reflect it.
 Please put various opinions, requests and suggestion of everybody to realize better municipal administration, administration of a ward.


Opinion, suggestion (suggestion from citizen) to Midori Ward government office and Yokohama-shi


Midori Ward government office opinion box

 We install "Midori Ward government office opinion box" and opinion card in the first floor of the Government building hall for ward office temporary construction to hear opinion and suggestion, request from person from ward office next agency, and to do, and to make use for administration of ward office.

Inhabitant of a ward and Director General nokomorebi talk

komorebi talk banner


Green person ∞ navigator of Natori Director General & midorin

 Natori Director General interviews everybody who is active in Midori Ward!


Of Onozaki Director General and midorin fall; love ♡ talk

 Onozaki Director General interviews everybody playing an active part in area!

Request and answer (H23 ...) accompanied with "meeting thinking about local problem" holding


Request and answer (H20 - 22) in "district round-table conference" 

In addition, please inform green earth tree office (telephone 045-981-2100) of notification about road installations (road surface, convex mirror, street light), road and river, the sewer and opinion

 ※We made "lists of contact information such as request, inquiry" to lead post in charge to as contact information when we usually noticed. In the case of notification, please use.

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