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Midori Ward social movement support center "midorimu"Character Dolly


        Midori Ward social movement support center supports local action and voluntary activity of various citizen's groups,
        Than approach to public interest-like activity by inhabitant of a ward and local problem becoming still more active,
        We aim at community with vitality coming out.


 *Green friend 74 issue issuance! -*

Midori Ward social movement support center public relations magazine (September 1, 2018 issuance)
  Green friend 43 issue PDF file"Green friend 74 issue" (PDF file: 853KB)                                          

Green friend 74 issue

*-* - * - * - * - * - *

Green friend 74th issue

Page 1 

*"Local debut course "*raijuku"
  "New staff introduction"

Page 2  

  * midorimu episode 6
     Introduction of public information information sectional meeting

* midorimu next NOW No. 7
3-5 pages
   midorimuiroiro information
     Salon aimlessly
     It is Sunday relay course of teacher a little
     Course slightly experience-based for autumn one day of teacher
     Disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage course
     Social movement seminar
     Refresh course for child care mom
     PC / smartphone / tablet free trial society 

Page 6 
  * midorimu, event calendar

-* - * - * - * - * - *





★Green *raijuku (five times consecutive courses)★

 Wanting to surely make a certain own pleasure!

* which finds wanting to do you, and helps with one step of the beginning
★All five times Wednesday, October 17, 10.24 (Wed), Wednesday, October 31, Wednesday, November 7, Wednesday, November 14

★Application period: From Tuesday, September 11 to Friday, October 5

★The details, application method → From "course, event information"

We study refresh course for child care mom (^^♪

All five times: 10/12, 10/22, 11/2, 11/13, 11/19

Application period: From Wednesday, August 15 to Monday, September 10

The details and application form from "course, event information"

2018 midorimu art Festa now being held!
From Tuesday, September 4 to 25th (Tue)

The details from "course, event information"


Is it midorimuttedonnatokoro?

(guide of the use)

midorimu schedule

It is information on closed days and one day of use restrictions.
One day of use restrictions
 ※We tell with seal.

Course, event information

You can see course and event information that midorimude is performed.

 Midori Ward lifelong learning volunteer human resources bank
"A little list of teacher introductions"
             (as of August 12, 2016)

Culture, art, the life public, information processing, the arts and sciences, culture,
 According to fields such as sports recreation
 You can see.

Local international exchange sectional meeting

Living information collection sheet

Midori Ward and 英語 classroom nearby

List of registration groups

(as of October 1, 2016)

●Environment, nature, international, child care, the young people, the friendship, sports recreation,
 You can see according to fields such as the welfare, culture, art, town development.

Midori Ward IT class, PC consultation corner

It is helpful, and lifelong learning links

With the midorimu governing board
 midorimunoyukaina friends (blog)
It shifts to outside server when we click.

Please enter between midorimuheha
, "Nakayama Station south exit second bicycle parking lot" and "Midori fire department"

Means of transportation: There is no * parking lot from JR Yokohama Line, the municipal subway Green Line Nakayama Station south exit in a 7-minute walk. Please visit in public transport.
  Map which is the latest for 2,016 years

 Opening day
: From Sunday to Saturday
 Opening time: From 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
       (on Sundays and holidays until 5:00 p.m.)
       ※Consultation is until 5:00 p.m.
 Closed days: Every month second Monday (in the case of holiday the next day)
      The end of the year, the beginning of the year and (from principle December 29 during January 3)

      ※It is old Nakayama Elementary School ruin.
 〒226-0011 93-1, Nakayamacho, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi
 Telephone: 045-938-0631 FAX: 045-939-5401

       Map is enlarged when we click guide map.

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