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  4. "We take Midori Ward!" We elected winning a prize, winning work product. (2012 conduct)

Midori Ward photo contest "takes Midori Ward!" Prize-winning work

 Midori Ward photo contest "takes Midori Ward!" Do not entrust this; had apply, and, thank you, made state.

 From application of all 314 works which were full of masterpieces, we performed selection by three judges and elected judge Prize 3 work, special prize 1 work, 54 winning works. Prize-winning work is as follows. (honorific title abbreviation)

 We mail prize to prizewinners later. Congratulations.

The prize-winning work number of articles


[information for exhibition]

In camera and information dispatch event "CP+" of photograph picture (sea peep RAS) held in Pacifico-yokohama for from Thursday, January 31 to Sunday, February 3, we displayed prize-winning work in photograph, and monitor introduced all entries. (Pacifico-yokohama the second floor concourse / no charge for admission area)

  • The first floor of the ward office lobby green for from Tuesday, February 12 to Friday, February 15
  • Subway (Green Line) Nakayama Station basement concourse managed by City for from Friday, February 15 to Monday, February 25
  • Lobby for from Monday, February 25 to Monday, March 4 in front of the green library

Judge Prize

"Kamoike Ohashi evening landscape" original Hiroshi

Comment: The Tsurumi River, Mount Fuji, aigret (?) which were stained with sunset But, it was beautiful. We think that there is only one place of Kanto Fujimi 100 views.

<comment of judge>
Shooting time is exquisite timing when setting sun sinks. Balance of Tanzawa and Mount Fuji is very good, and color of the sky and silhouette of white heron reflecting in undulation of river are works splendid beautifully at all. [Hideo Mori]
"In the summer autumn boundary line" Shuji Yoshioka

Comment: Red autumn colors are beautiful.

<comment of judge>
In composition that it is hard to take, we show original viewpoint without depending on style that is pictorial (is like perspective) easily. [Taro Amano]
"It is everybody rice-transplanting" Hajime Otani

Comment: Everybody who protected Tando field worked on rice-transplanting by array.

<comment of judge>
Scenery that is well-composed, and seems to be Midori Ward. [Yoshio Kato]

Special prize

"Warmth of the setting sun" Hibiki Takada

Comment: Please pay attention to the setting sun.

Winning work

"Rice-transplanting scenery"
Hajime Otani
"The air is full of spring"
Kaori Masunaga ring
"Autumn scenery of the Tsurumi River"
Chiyoko Sato
"House road"
Chiyoko Sato
"A little grass by the roadside"
Yoshiko Nakazawa
"Night train"
And "we throw here ~"
Owaki one man
When "cherry blossom is scattered"
Shuji Suzuki
"Wild heaven-sent luck"
Shuji Suzuki
"Late fall"
Yoshiko Nakazawa
"We look up and close perform the sky in autumn"
Sota Takamura
"Splendid setting sun"
Suganuma victory
"We dance prison rock by green inhabitant of a ward Festival"
Suganuma victory
"The Onda River to glitter"
Kikuko Fujinuma
"Drying in the sun of bamboo hedge"
Kikuko Fujinuma
"Ray of light to undulate"
Original Hiroshi
"Traditional late fall"
Masayoshi Tanaka
"Skyscraper of Nagatsuta"
Junnichi Nakamura
"Autumn (cluster amaryllis and ear of rice airing) of crop"
Makoto Mashiko
"Autumn of Shinji"
Eiichi Kanzawa
"At dusk"
Michiko Tatsumi
"Madder color"
Michiko Tatsumi
"wanko seems to be fun, too!"
Sumiko Takizawa
"Colored leaves of Kirigaoka"
Kazuko Iwaki
"The evening sky of change of season"
Sachio Fukuda
"It is dignified and is neat and clean"
Sachio Fukuda
"Bamboo forest of forest of Shinji citizen"
Kenji Morosawa
"Maple of forest Park of the four seasons"
Kenji Morosawa
"Morning scenery"
Kenji Morosawa
"The moon which is reflected in the Tsurumi River"
Kenji Morosawa
"The Tsurumi River of dusk"
Fukui reason Expo
"West light Terayama fire Festival"
Susumu Nakamura
"Heron which is idle in waterside"
Susumu Nakamura
"Man with a clownish mask and greetings"
Toshie Nakano
"Dense fog and plum and Okutsu's house"
Yoshinao Sugizaki
"We cut rice together this year"
Yoshinao Sugizaki
"The stage of light"
Yoshinao Sugizaki
"Night fantasy"
Yoshinao Sugizaki
"Forest of late fall"
Yoshinao Sugizaki
"How is walk to the sky"
Nanami Okada
"The survival of the fittest"
"Dinner of dumpling insect"
Yui Masuda
And "we are jolted for life ... wind of small flower ~"
Yui Endo
"Thing which forest gave"
Ruka Koyanagi
"Spotlight which we inserted"
Kyohei Takahashi
"Narrow path of forest"
Shuto Yuzawa
"Fine weather to remove from trees"
Ayaka Nagoshi
In "nature"
Asahi, Nakamura
"Blue sky in forest"
Yui Sato
"Greatness of tree which there is in forest! "
Koichi Tawarayama
"Beautiful river"
Hidaka Jessica Aiko
"Gentle river"

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