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  3. We take Midori Ward!

Midori Ward photo contest "takes Midori Ward!" Winning a prize, winning work product was elected

 Midori Ward photo contest "takes Midori Ward!" Thank you very much much application in this.

 From all 424 works which were full of masterpieces, we elected judge Prize 4 work, 51 winning works as a result of examination as follows. (honorific title abbreviation)
 Public information green ward version April issue (special feature) introduces, and winning a prize, winning work product uses in in future various public information mediums.

  [information for winning a prize, winning work product exhibition]

  • Friday, February 23 - 3/4 (Sun) from 10:00 to 18:00 elephant's trunk terrace (1, Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi)
  • Saturday, March 10 - 3/11 (Sun) from 10:00 to 21:00 La La Port Yokohama the third floor north curve mall (midorin comes up on about the daytime on ※ Saturday, March 10, too)
  • ... last train Yokohama municipal subway Green Line Nakayama Station "event space" first for from Tuesday, March 20 to Sunday, March 25
  • Monday, April 2 - 4/13 (Fri) from 8:45 to 17:00 (in ward office open agency) Midori Ward government office

 Past winning a prize, winning work product from this → 2016 conduct
                          2015 conduct
                          2014 conduct
                          2013 conduct
                          2012 conduct

Judge Prize

 [judge Prize] Innocent "Having no center" Katsuaki Shimizu

Comment: "Buddhist monk performing walk over firing Shinto ritual" mountaineering ascetic who crosses while praying for perfect state of health over charcoal fire to burn in burning red barefoot

<comment of judge>
Light to come in lets you emphasize flame and smoke and individualizes occultness called Shinto ritual more. Line of backlight to depend on hand right expresses "we are innocent" of title as face of mountaineering ascetic. It is transmitted through angle of Ougi which Buddhist monk swings that Sanskrit characters have a deep meaning with exquisiteness. At first force jumps, but is photograph letting you feel occultness wrapped up. [Hideo Mori]
[judge Prize] Forthcoming pond of kingfisher "Forthcoming pond of kingfisher" Toshiaki Yao

Comment: Kingfisher takes a short break in lotus pond where turning yellow of the opposite bank and colored leaves of this side shine in, too.

<comment of judge>
Kingfisher melted into work about kingfisher in scenery while there were many things which photographed action of instant of kingfisher by looking into the distance and leaf and colored leaves of maple, overall balance to come out, and to be crowded thought with good work and chose as pond. [Yoichiro Kato]
[judge Prize] Come and go. "We come and go." Mitsuyuki Iwata

Comment: Beer of TDM was delicious.

<comment of judge>
We show unique viewpoint while evading problem in street photo which is full of difficulty by problem of right of likeness skillfully. Person who intersects in point of eyes that we lost incidentally. With exquisite moment, fun of composition stands out. [Taro Amano]
[judge Prize] The sky and the ground, positive and shade "Sky and ground, positive and shade" Takuma Ishii

Comment: We drank and made place and bright place cool title. We cleaned more by copying into river.

<comment of judge>
It is photograph which caught wonderful scene which ground scenery is reflected in the clean surface of the water, and is crowded.
Where am I?. Is it Kamikochi? Is it Alaska? Log bridge killifish open space of Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi.
Rich scenery hides behind in big city where 3,700,000 people live in beautifully.
But do many people not surely know?
Your treasure. [Tsutomu Okada]

Winning work

[choice containing] In cherry tree In "cherry tree" 
Chisato Yamashita
[choice containing] Early summer "Early summer" 
Iyumi Ito
 [choice containing] We plant hand "We plant hand"
Akira Mitani
[choice containing] Fairy of forest "Fairy of forest" 
Hiroshi Okuzawa
[choice containing] Shower of fallen leaves "Shower of fallen leaves" 
Kunihiko Aizawa
[choice containing] The other side, "Other side, " 
Mitsuyuki Iwata
[choice containing] Capture failure "Capture failure" 
Katsukiyo Shinohara
[choice containing] We run sunset "We run sunset" 
Katsukiyo Shinohara
[choice containing] Visit to ringed northwest line "Visit to ringed northwest line" 
Katsukiyo Shinohara
 [choice containing] Leech town - late fall "Leech town - late fall" 
1, Obata man
 [choice containing] Shah! Shah! Shah! "Shah! Shah! sha!" 
Kazuaki Okabe
[choice containing] The Nagatsuta station square "The Nagatsuta station square" 
Michio Oga
[choice containing] Errand of peace to get off dance "Errand of peace to get off dance" 
Hideo Otsuka
[choice containing] Foggy morning "Foggy morning" 
Mina Kan
 [choice containing] Who will I be? "I will be who" 
Fumio Saito
[choice containing] We hang rainbow "We hang rainbow" 
Yasuhiro Koyasu
[choice containing] Land preparation "Land preparation" 
Toshio Tanaka
[choice containing] Night of festival "Night of festival" 
South Tsu sail between moat
[choice containing] Autumn bloom "Autumn bloom" 
Junnichi Sasaki
[choice containing] Love "Love" 
Susumu Nakamura
[choice containing] Spring farm products direct sale place "Spring farm products direct sale place" 
Susumu Nakamura
[choice containing] Sacred tree of winter sky "Sacred tree of winter sky" 
Tadashi Kawamura
[choice containing] Morning Nakayama life road "Morning Nakayama life road" 
Tadashi Kawamura
[choice containing] Leader of miniature shrine "Leader of miniature shrine" 
Mitsuko Aoki
[choice containing] Vitality of trunk "Vitality of trunk" 
Mitsuko Aoki
[choice containing] Day when we had a foreboding in summer being over, and autumn beginning "Summer is over day when we had a foreboding in autumn beginning" 
Ryosuke Kikuchi
[choice containing] On the other side of fence On "the other side of fence" 
Maho Suzuki
[choice containing] Suidobashi of sanho "Suidobashi of sanho" 
Hiroshi Igarashi
[choice containing] Blue dusk "Blue dusk" 
Atsuko Masaya
[choice containing] On bamboo grass ship to anywhere On "bamboo grass ship to anywhere" 
Isogai positive
[choice containing] We assist and grow up And "we assist growth" 
[choice containing] Solar curtain and rainbow "Solar curtain and rainbow" 
Wakana Murakami
[choice containing] It is saki kuhigan flower to blue sky "saki kuhigan flower to blue sky" 
Atsushi Torii Thailand
[choice containing] Blue carpet "Blue carpet" 
Nagata Prunus donarium
[choice containing] Curtain "Curtain" 
Atsuki Yoshida
[choice containing] kazokuno form "kazokuno form" 
Ryusei Fujita
[choice containing] Straight light "Straight light" 
Haruna Horikoshi
[choice containing] megumi "light" of plant "megumi "light" of plant 
Sachi Azegami
[choice containing] Let's sink in scenery! "Let's sink in scenery!" 
Kano season to be constipated
[choice containing] To spring breeze To "spring breeze" 
Daiki Nagashima
[choice containing] Watch "Watch" 
Tadashi Oishi
[choice containing] Talk women's on spring day "Talk women's on spring day" 
Yukio Sawada
[choice containing] Basking in the sun "Basking in the sun" 
Taeko Nakajima
[choice containing] Break of snake "Break of snake" 
Koji Iwamoto
[choice containing] Represent Japanese cherry tree and child; and is Sha-mail in mother country And "we represent Japanese cherry tree and child Sha-mail in mother country" 
Yoshiyuki Kamon
[choice containing] The first help "The first help" 
Yoshiyuki Kamon
[choice containing] It was farming trouble state of one year "It was farming trouble state of one year" 
Yoshiyuki Kamon
[choice containing] Move of this, and come; spring "nodokeki spring" 
Takashi Inada
[choice containing] With river stained with the setting sun With "river stained with the setting sun" 
Kenichiro Yokoyama
[choice containing] Brightness of darkness of the night "Brightness of darkness of the night" 
Takanori Aoyagi
[choice containing] Pheasant "Pheasant" 
Chiyoko Sato

Copyright Policy

Midori Ward photo contest "takes Midori Ward!" Inhabitant of a ward applied for has photograph in right about photograph publishing in this. I decline that I reprint photograph without permission and reproduce.

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