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  4. Greetings of the January 5, 2018 New Year

Greetings of the New Year

Onozaki Director General  A Happy New Year
 We pray heartily this year so that it is in bright year when a lot of good luck, smile were full of one year for all of you.
 It was green and visited place that overflowed with flower including park in ward and flower bed of citizen's forest, housing complex and, including village forest garden where urban greening yokohama fair of the whole country was held, walked last year. We were able to experience rice-transplanting, too. We tasted happiness that could enjoy the richness and blessing of nature and thought about defense, whom he/she brought up until today. In addition, we met every generation from child to elderly person, and touched warmth of various working and people in area and we changed weight of responsibility of Director General and felt.
 Age was changed, and there became a few more until 2019 to reach the constituency system 50th anniversary. We celebrate age of turning point and want to be able to connect to further development of Midori Ward. As it is and will wrestle with staff bullet so that the next generation to carry children and area can succeed, thank you we would like this town where inhabitants of a ward were taken good care of.


Midori Ward head Nobuyuki Onozaki (※ saki is right mountain strangely *)


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