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  4. Recruitment of Midori Ward elderly person support charge visit nurse temporary workers

[offer] We raise Midori Ward elderly person support charge visit nurse temporary workers.   

 Midori Ward recruits visit instruction by Health Promotion Act and Nursing Care Insurance Law and temporary workers which we care and prevent.
 Summaries are as follows.
 For details, please refer to offer essential points.

The subscription for 1 number of people
  One person

2 application methods, time limit
  Designated Yokohama-shi ward office temporary worker selection application, Yokohama-shi resume (for part-time service), adoption monkey
 Fill in time attachment including with required items, Midori Ward government office advanced age, shogaishienkakoyowaishashienninai
 Our; pass, and please submit by mail by simple registered mail.

  [deadline for application] Postmark on that day is effective on Monday, January 22, 2018

3 selection methods
  After the first selection with application documents, we carry out interview as the second selection.

4 references
  Midori Ward government office Elderly and Disabled Support Division elderly person support charge
  〒226-0013 118, Terayamacho, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi
  TEL: (045) 930-2311
  FAX: (045) 930-2310

Subscription for 5 essential points
 (1) Offer essential pointIcon for PDF downloading
 (2) We can download by all a - cormorant teo lumps of application required documents complete setIcon for PDF downloading * following.
                         When you want to download in each, please click horizontal icon of each documents name or documents name.

  Oh, it is Yokohama-shi ward office temporary worker selection applicationPDF downloading icon
  i Yokohama-shi resume (for part-time service)Icon for PDF downloading
  Cormorant application attachment to adoptIcon for PDF downloading
 (3) Yokohama-shi ward office temporary worker employment summaryIcon for PDF downloading

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