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Citizen's collaboration, activity group

Civic collaboration

About holding of meeting thinking about area together

What we participate, and affiliate including Neighborhood Association collaborates and solves in the whole area becomes still more important to cope with various problems every area including population decline and rapid low birthrate and aging.
We hold "fair to think about area together" that each alliance Neighborhood Association becomes sponsor in Midori Ward, and local talks about each "local problem", and to investigate beginning of area problem solution every year. Content that we talked about is published in homepage of association of Midori Ward self-government chairperson society.

Green "person, town" school

Through spot visits of lecture and town development, it is consecutive courses to learn about local problem solution and attractive town development. We do thought "that we want to try in area what it is" in form as activity plan and support to be able to be actually active.

Midori Ward area problem challenge suggestion business

"Midori Ward area problem challenge suggestion business" is business to support voluntary activity to solve various problems that area including disaster prevention, the welfare, town development has. In adopted business, we assist some expenses.

midorinowa, support love plan

It is plan to push forward town development that inhabitant of a ward, group, company, Council of Social Welfare, ward office assist by collaboration together that we each one seems to be oneself even if we become alone and to be spiritually rich and can live a substantial life even if there is obstacle even if Midori Ward community-based welfare health planning, community-based welfare activity plan, nickname "midorinowa, support love plan" get old.

Midori Ward social movement support center

Midori Ward social movement support center supports local action and voluntary activity of various citizen's groups and aims at what community with vitality realizes by approach to public interest-like activity and area problem by inhabitant of a ward becoming still more active.

Volunteer, social movement information retrieval site "green person, wait navigator"

Our search site finished reading of page on October 24, 2012.

e community green (Midori Ward electronic conference room)

This business was finished in the end of September, 2011, and reading of page was finished in the end of December, 2011, too.
After January, 2012, we perform rental of archive DVD in Midori Ward government office (Public Relations Section) and Midori Library.

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Activity group

Young person management private supplementary school

Young managers of multi-type of industry more than frames of organizations such as mall, association in Midori Ward gather and hold study session or discussion meeting.

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