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Ward office outline of business (floor distinction)

 It is ward office outline of business. It becomes according to floor. [reference] Outline of business according to organization

 ■Window reception hours
  Weekdays (from Monday to Friday) from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
4 second Saturday    From 9:00 a.m. to the midday (only in some windows)


※ Number in parenthesis is "window number".


Outline of business (floor distinction)

The first floor

Ward Administration Promotion Division (11) Public Relations Section
 Inhabitant of a ward consultation (law, traffic accident) / public information / public hearing / information disclosure request reception desks
Children and Families Support Division (12) Children and Families Support Section
 It is raised elementary school student nursery school / after school
(13) Children and Families Support Section
 Mother and child health handbook / Child Allowance / welfare pass / child care support consultation / maternal and child health / child with a disability support
Welfare health consultation counter (14) Welfare health consultation counter
 Welfare / woman consultation of welfare (Child Raising Allowance) / child with a disability of single-parent home
Elderly and Disabled Support Division (14) Advanced age, obstacle administration person in charge
 It is supported card / toll road discount (person with a disability) / golden age club with grant / Hama of special ticket identification of respect for the old special ride
(15) Elderly person support charge
 Elderly who requires nursing care service / care prevention, function training / visit instruction
(15) The Long-term Care Insurance charge
 Support / care imitation representation application to authorized / home care support companies of The Long-term Care Insurance
(16) Person with a disability support charge
 Patients with person with a disability support / mental health welfare / incurable disease support
Life support section (17) Life support person in charge
 Consultation, application / life poor independence support consultation of social security
(18) Person in charge of office work
 Payment /JR commuter pass discount (social security household) / war dead bereaved protection such as welfare allowances

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The second floor

Family Registry Division (21) Registration Section
 As for copying of resident certificate, it is published of all report of / Seal Registration Certificate / pension present situation / family register matter certification, individual matter certification
(22) Registration Section
 Global grant / public personal identification service / notice card my number card-related application of copying of report / seal registration application / house indication change proof / Basic Resident Register card-related application / resident certificate such as transference, transference, moving, family nurturer change
(23) Registration Section
 Attendance at school, transference studies to elementary and junior high school
(24) Family Registry Section
 Report of family register (birth, the death, the marriage, divorce) / identifications permission of proof / cremation burial
Insurance and Pension Division (25) National Health Insurance Section
 The medical expenses furtherance (children, severe disorder, single-parent home), payment application of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance, elderly aged 75 or over medical care
(26) National Health Insurance Section
 Procedures such as the participation loss of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance
(27) National Health Insurance Section
 Payment, consultation of premium (National Health Insurance, care, latter-stage elderly)
(28) National Pension Plan Section
 Notices of procedure, consultation / old-age welfare pension of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)
Ward's Treasurer's Office (29) Accounting Section
 The receipt and disbursement such as public money
Bank "Koban" (police box)  Public money payment of Yokohama-shi

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The third floor

Tax Division (31) Tax Receipt Section
 Reissue of payment consultation / payment notice of payment, consultation / nonpayment city tax of city tax
(32) Tax Receipt Section
 Tax payment proof
(33) City Tax Section
 Report, taxation of registration, junk car (125cc or less) / light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) of taxation, income proof / moped bicycle
(34) Land Section
 House proof for issuance / houses such as taxation, investigation into property tax, urban planning tax / evaluation proof
(34) House charge
 Report, taxation, investigation into property tax
(35) City Tax Section
 Report, consultation of personal municipal tax, prefectural tax
Health Sanitation Division (36) Food Sanitation Section
 License application of application, report / healthcare worker, dietician, cooks such as consultation / medical facilities, drugstore of patente, report / food hygiene of food-related facility
(37) Environmental Sanitation Section
 Breeding consultation of registration / dog/cat of extermination consultation / dogs such as report / hygiene pests of sales-affiliated / tray water tanks such as law of nature beauty, cleaning
Health and Welfare Division (38) Health Promotion Section
 A lot of Vaccinations / cancer screening / healthy allied classroom / eating habits health consultation / dentistry consultation. Infectious disease measures of / tuberculosis and others
(39) Administration Planning Section
 Local welfare officer, children's committee
(39) Business planning staff
 Promotion of planning and coordination / community-based welfare health planning "midorinowa, support love plan" of business about welfare health

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The fourth floor

Regional Promotion Division (41) Person in charge of local action
 Promotion, communication / Traffic Safety Campaign / consumers measures of community organizations such as Neighborhood Association
(41) Resources Reuse Promotion
 Promotion / garbage (Yokohama 3R dream!) of reduction, recycling of beautification promotion / garbage of town nado
(41) Planning and Adjustment Section
 Setting / challenge suggestion business of promotion / crime prevention light of security, reliable town planning
(41) Ward Facilities Subdivision
 Administration, management of use of inhabitant of a ward facility
(41) Lifelong Learning Support Section
 Lifelong learning support / young people healthy upbringing / sports promotion / local culture promotion
Ward Administration Promotion Division (42) Planning and Adjustment Section
 Making of rule consultation of towns such as plan, adjustment / city planning, agreement on building standards of main pivot business in ward
General Affairs Division (43) General Affairs Section
 Change proof / anti-disaster measures / car temporary service permission (the car temporary number) of name of a street lot number
(43) Budget Adjustment Section
 Management of Government building management / lost article
(44) Statistics and Elections Section
 Various election office work (reading of absentee vote, electoral list) / ward board of elections / a lot of statistics investigations (national censuses)

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Green earth tree office (876-13, Tookaichibacho)

Green earth tree office Administration Section
 Permission such as private use act, setting, management in reading / private road maintenance furtherance business / park of figure of border investigation / border investigation of private use permission / way waterway of road, river, waterway, the sewer
Road Section
 Maintenances of / roadside tree such as maintenance, management, repair of road
Sewage and Park Section
 Park management based on the support / city park method of / Park protection society such as maintenance, redevelopment of the sewer, river

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