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Anti-crime program, disaster prevention

Security, relief

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Setting of LED crime prevention light

 We decide in Civic Affairs Bureau area anti-crime program support section and, about setting standard and the setting number to each ward of LED crime prevention lights in the city, install.

 In ward, we consider for setting in response to crime prevention light setting request from Neighborhood Association. Please consult with local Neighborhood Association about setting of crime prevention light.

 In addition, please contact local Neighborhood Association or the following reference when crime prevention lights cut.

Regional Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section
(fluorescent lamp which telephone poles have, crime prevention light of LED light)
TEL: 045-930-2237 FAX: 045-930-2242
Green earth tree office
(mercury lamp in highways)
TEL: 045-981-2100 FAX: 045-981-2112

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Disaster prevention information

 What should I do to minimize the damage when storm and flood damage caused by large-scale earthquake disaster and typhoon and heavy rain such as the Great East Japan Earthquake generated in March, 2011 is generated?

 Local resident organization, inhabitants of a ward such as ward office and disaster prevention related organizations, Neighborhood Association examine measures beforehand each, and it decides role that you should fulfil, and it is necessary to carry out training.

 We always have consciousness "that area of all to protect own body by oneself protects together", and inhabitants of a ward each one usually stores necessary article and equipments at the time of disaster and hopes that we comprise for disaster.

      We hold Midori Ward disaster prevention lecture in 2018! ← details click

  Crisis control of Yokohama-shi
  (page of City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau crisis control room)


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