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◆Under recruitment of participants ◆We hold green ward mall point walk rally!

Green ward mall point walk rally

 When we do shopping visiting malls and accumulate point, we win "gift certificates of up to 20,000 yen equivalency" by lot.
 Furthermore, we have bargain product only in event participant at each participation store.
 > which has the following privileges to <event participant
 ・We give eco-back, ball-point pen to do shopping.
 ・We give walk rally-limited midorintaoru if we save more than 9-point.

<<holding schedule>>
 ・The first: From from Friday, October 20 to 21st (Sat) 11:00 18:00 (was finished.)
 ・The second: It is 18:00 from (Sat) 11:00 for from Friday, November 24 to 25th

◆Event handbill (we increase when we click ※)
Event handbill

◆Bargain information (we increase when we click ※)

Bargain information

◆Map point book (we can confirm the details when we click ※)
Map point book

◆Participation application
Please click <here;>

 Person in charge of Midori Ward government office Regional Promotion Division local action mall promotion charge

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