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Promotion of book-reading activities

"Town library" in ward!

 We wait, and library each brings book together and is "small library of town" to bring up together.
 Books wanting book, everybody whom person who was owner of book was impressed by to read by all means line up in bookshelf.
 You pick up book and write in what you felt at impression card, and attach message to recommended book
 Do you not arrange in bookshelf?

  Facility in ward installing "town library" in
    Midori Ward social movement support center "midorimu"
    Nagatsuta community care plaza
    ・All post offices (as for the press release document this) in Midori Ward

 It is this about "town library"

"Midori Ward reading mappu"

 We did rental, reading of book and use of inhabitant of a ward facility who talked, and held meetings to map in Midori Ward.

        PDFMidori Ward reading mappu (pdf file 3.5MB)

Development of "Midori Ward book-reading activities promotion target"

 Based on result of opinion offer about "Midori Ward book-reading activities .3 promotion target" (draft) that we carried out on November 14 from October 6, 2014, we devised "Midori Ward book-reading activities promotion aim".

 In Midori Ward, there is book section in various imminent facilities except library. We push forward "environment creation getting close to book from baby to the elderly" from child to adult that many people touch book and can enjoy reading and keep network alive and promote reading in school, home, area. In addition, we support upbringing and interchange of reading volunteer and push forward "the making of local connection" beyond generation.

 Look at "Midori Ward book-reading activities promotion target" from the following.

        PDFMidori Ward book-reading activities promotion target (pdf file 6.8MB)

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