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Keeping animal

Life breeding

 We receive various benefits including peace of mind by keeping animal.
 However, animal allows you to accomplish life as a certain life thing and makes an effort to keep animal, and readiness that we live for together until we die is necessary.
 Dog and cat came to often live more than 15 years. In addition, there is thing living long more in other animals. There is, and everyday care suffers from treatment costs the other day if we get sick.
 In addition, it is necessary to decide whether which "we are unable to manage if it becomes big though we were pretty at the age of puppy" thinks about "we cannot take because pets are not allowed in the new address" future, and you keep.
 Let's decide whether we keep after knowing instinct and habit of animal.

Let's keep so that it is not annoyed by neighborhood including cry and smell

Let's be careful to be thoughtless, and not to increase animals

 We do not keep conduct of sterility castration operation, male female together

There is animal needing permission

 When we keep animals such as lion, monkey, crocodile, snapping turtle, snake, permission is necessary.

Yokohama-shi animal protection center
TEL: 045-471-2111
Specifically, please see page of Yokohama-shi animal protection center.

Animal protection

 Let's stop abandonment of pet, irresponsible actions such as inappropriate breeding and abuse to animal. We are punished by law (law about protection of animal and management) when we perform these acts.

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We keep dog

Registration, rabies vaccination

 When we keep dogs more than 91 days after birth, one rabies vaccination is necessary in every registration and year. Rabies vaccination can receive registration of dog at business trip meeting place and animal hospital.
Dog's license tag and rabies vaccination finished vote

About rabies vaccination and procedure

 In about the end of March, I send one piece, news postcard of rabies vaccination to address of registration because of one dog.
 If postcard arrives, please do rabies vaccination and procedure (you have been injected grant of vote) by any of the following method.

1.We file with rabies vaccination in business trip meeting place
  We can perform rabies vaccination and procedure at the same time every year in business trip meeting places of park and Shinto shrine, open space in front of ward office in April.
 ※When worry about inoculation for diseases; in business trip meeting place cannot inject. Please talk with family hospital.

2.It is rabies vaccination at animal hospital → Owners file at ward office window
  Take "identification of rabies vaccination finished" and postcard issued at animal hospital to Midori Ward government office Health Sanitation Division (3-37 window).
  In addition, depending on animal hospital, he/she may perform procedure at ward office after preventive injection in place of owner. Specifically, please refer to animal hospital.

Registration of 2017 dog business trip meeting place schedule (Midori Ward)

Schedule Time Meeting place
Thursday, April 6 The morning Open space (5-24, Kirigaoka) of Kirigaoka Park, stone
The afternoon sanhodaijokoen (2570-15, Mihocho)
Wednesday, April 12 All day Kamoi hall (4-13-1, Kamoi)
Thursday, April 20 The morning Yamashita area interchange center (1777-1, Kitahassakucho)
The afternoon Tokaichiba-cho community hall (816-6, Tookaichibacho)
Thursday, April 27 The morning Large Hayashiji parking lot (6-6-24, Nagatsuta)
The afternoon Nagatsuta Park (Nagatsuta 2-1782-34)

The morning
: From 10:00 to 12:00

The afternoon: From 1:30 to 3:00 

※We carry out even in case of rain, but cancel meeting place with the morning, the afternoon of the day when warning (heavy rain, flood, storm, blizzard, heavy snow) from the Meteorological Agency is announced as of 8:00 a.m.
  In addition, we cancel meeting place during conduct of meeting place in the morning in the afternoon of the day when warning is announced as of 11:30 a.m. 
※We changed Hongo Shrine to Kamoi hall for repair work.

Keep; one

  • Pasturage is prohibition
     Please connect to strong ropes at the time of walk.
     Even quiet dog may be scary for other people for owner. On the contrary, dog is afraid and may bite person.
     In addition, allow to attach ropes and to control dog as you may be hurt in traffic accident when you separated eyes.
  • Let's attach custom to empty the bowels in house before going for walk
     When we empty the bowels during walk by all means, let's take to go properly. It is minimum manner of person keeping dog.
  • Attention is necessary for cry of dog
     Let's be used to prevent you from troubling neighborhood in away average or buckwheat noodles sold by a hawker at night of owner.
  • If dog bites person
     Please manage not to cause accident that house dog bites person. Please tell Health and Welfare Center by all means by any chance if you chew.
  • If house dog is lost
     At first let's look for neighborhood and usual walk place, place liking. Still please inform Health and Welfare Center of the date and time, place, characteristic that dog disappeared when you are not found. (we can tell about information of dog protected in ward.)
  • If moving and owner change
     As procedure of change is necessary, please send to Health and Welfare Center.
     When it is moved from the Yokohama suburbs to Midori Ward, bring "dog's license tag" and "rabies vaccination finished vote" (few one proves rabies vaccination finished) of the year concerned issued at the original location.
     When we lose dog's license tag, we issue again. (it costs fee 1,600 yen)
     In addition, you finish rabies vaccination of the year concerned, and few one lets you receive injection, and bring the certificate (identification of rabies vaccination finished) together.
  • If dog dies
     When dog registering dies, report of the death is necessary. Specifically, please refer to Health and Welfare Center.

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We keep cat

Keep; one

  • We are in a room as possible, and let's keep
     As diseases are transmitted to cat to take out outdoors by other cats, and there is for traffic accident, indoor as possible, let's keep.
  • Let's secure cat litter
     Let's secure restroom in under the eaves where the room or rain does not hang over to excrete in neighborhood, and not to trouble.
  • We put, and let's give up having bait
     Bait which we left attracts crows and fly and cockroach occur and may give off bad smell. We put bait which we left in order, and let's keep clean state.
  • Let's do sterility castration operation
     We are enabled, and, as for the cat, delivery is created through one delivery 5-6 in about half a year after birth. In addition, numbers suddenly increase because 2-3 times a year of delivery is possible. Let's do sterility, castration operation not to increase cats which there is too many and cannot keep.
  • Because we are not lost
    We recommend name card and microchip to prevent lost child and theft.

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Animal handling business

 When we perform sale of animal (mammals, birds, reptiles), duties (trimming, pet sitter) to keep pets, animal dispatch business, training business, moving zoo, animal auction administration (when we establish real meeting place), old dog, old cat home, registration of animal handling business is necessary.

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Pet measures at the time of disaster 

 Owner of pet will get ready to be necessary about not only oneself and family but also pet breeding beforehand to lower damage by disaster even a little.

Let's add contact information of owner to pet.

         We run away, and pet has by big disaster and we are separated from owner and may be left. Let's put on dog's license tag and rabies vaccination finished vote, child's identification card, microchip.

Let's do necessary "discipline" at the time of disaster.

         It is demanded that both owner and pet can move safely when we evacuate with pet and we do not trouble neighboring people. "matte" and "sitting trick" will obey instructions such as "oide". In addition, you should do "discipline" to let pet think to be place to stay that can feel relieved in cage

      →Video introduces discipline of dog demanded at the time of disaster!

Discipline ... of dog demanded at the time of disaster particularly discipline ... of "house"


Let's perform health care of pet appropriately.

       By change of living environment with disaster, pet becomes easy to fall sick, too. We usually carry out vaccination of rabies and other infectious diseases, the extermination of chisel tick, and let's take care of ourselves.

Let's prepare emergency storage product of pet.

       Like emergency storage product of the owner, we will prepare storage product of pet.

  • Storage product for pet
     ★Pet notebook (we distribute even Midori Ward Health Sanitation Division.)
     ★Foods, water which are more than for 5th
     ★Medicine, therapy food (as needed)
     ★Preliminary collar and lead (bellrope)
     ★Restroom article (including sand of restroom for pet sheet and cat)
     ★Cage and carry-back
     ★Towel    to


Let's talk with acquaintance who can help each other.

       When breeding of pet becomes difficult, we possess at the time of disaster, and let's look for relative and friend having you keep pet.

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Specifically, please see page of Yokohama-shi animal protection center.


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