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About life hygiene - shukyuhodokoshi* [food hygiene]

shukyuhodokoshi*ichi* of Midori Ward

◆With shukyuhodokoshi*
 In Yokohama-shi, we make recognition system of shukyuhodokoshi* for the purpose of improvement of hygiene standard of the whole food-related facility. From food-related facility of each Health and Welfare Center jurisdiction, superior facility is authorized by the handling such as management of facility, person of business, awareness, food about food hygiene of worker.
ryokukushukyuhodokoshi*ichi* (Portable Document Format, 143KB) of 2018


Mayor commendation facility of Midori Ward

◆With mayor commendation facility
 It is among shukyuhodokoshi* particularly excellence, and, about other facilities which you should be modelled after, we are commended as the best facility by the Mayor of Yokohama.
       midorin aruku
The Midori Ward "mayor commendation facility" (Portable Document Format, 110KB)

   Reference: Facility (link to Yokohama-shi public health center page) in response to commendation food hygiene-related in the Yokohama city


Living and Health Department, Food Sanitation Section
TEL: 045-930-2365 FAX: 045-930-2367  

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