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Because we can do it green environmental action promotion meeting ..., let's begin! Action ... environmental in 2017

With green environmental action promotion meeting

 We are active for the purpose of green inhabitant of a ward, company, government collaborating for accomplishment of "Yokohama-shi global warming measure implementation plan", and green environmental action promotion meeting cooperating with "Yokohama-shi wastes processing basic plan" (Yokohama 3R dream plan), and acting.

 Environmental action promotion meeting list of members [pdf/35kb] green in 2017
 2017 general meeting document (May 18, 2017 holding) [pdf/851kb]

 2017 "green environment action" impeller commendation

 It commended individual and group in Midori Ward which contributed to promotion such as "Yokohama 3R dream plan" or "de-warming". Nine prize winners this year are 1 group.
Environmental action impeller commendation people green in 2017

Part (individual) of "3R, de-warming" promotion
 Yoshiko Ueno (Niihari Chuubu District), Reiko Yamagata (Nagatsuta district)

Part (group) of "3R, de-warming" promotion 
 Higashihongo district young people instructor communication meeting

Part (individual) of "citizen-based town planning that is beautiful with cleanliness" promotion
 sugeharakiyusho (Kamoi district), Kunio Takahashi (Takeyama district), Masao Murai (sanhojiku), Eri Matsuo (the Niihari Western Province), Katsumasa Fukaya (Tokaichiba housing complex district), Kagamiyama Kazuo (Kirigaoka district), kyuhodenju (Nagatsuta district)

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Enlightenment by events

 We enlightened promotion of 3R dream plan and de-warming by collaboration with Neighborhood Association and environmental member of business promotion, members of consumer life promotion. As we introduce by green ECO communication, please see by all means.

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Utilization promotion of reuse tableware

 We supported expense when we used reuse tableware by event, and garbage such as disposable containers supported conduct of event not to be given. 
    Reducing tableware 1

   ★Please see this about reuse tableware utilization promotion assistance business

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Yokohama 3R dream plan dispatch lecture/off site lecture

 In nursery school, kindergarten or elementary and junior high school, we held environmental lesson to age. In addition, we held Neighborhood Association, classification briefing session to various groups. As we introduce by green ECO communication, please see by all means.

Dispatch lecture/off site lecture

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Issuance of "green ECO communication"

 We issue "green ECO communication" that we placed information about promotion of 3R dream plan and de-warming measures in every month.

        ★"Green ECO communication" is this! 

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Introduction of past environmental action

 2014 2015 2016

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