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Sporting event information

★Scheduled list★

 [Saturday, January 12, 2019]
Badminton lecture!
-Let's learn art of progress from top athlete! -

Team player group photo
※Application closed.

 [Saturday, January 12, 2018 holding!]
Badminton lecture!
Let's learn art of ... progress from top athlete! ...
 Bud lek
 To player who played an active part in the front line of international meeting including the Olympics,
 Let's be taught art of badminton progress!

 1.On the date
From Saturday, January 12, 2019 14:00 16:00 (reception desk half past 13 ...)
Green sports center (1-29-7, Nakayamacho, Midori-ku)

Midori Ward residence, primary and secondary student around 50 (in the case of prior application, majority, we draw lots) of attendance at school

  Shintaro Ikeda (BEIJING OLYMPIC, the London Olympics, badminton representative from Japan)
  Daisuke Fujiwara (para-badminton player reinforcement designation player S)
   We are applied on December 21, 2018 by electronic application system which must arrive by daily cash income) deadline.
   Application receptionist closed. It becomes lottery for a lot of application.
    Result will inform later.

 6.Flyer (meeting holding essential point)



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