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... June is food education month! ... which is day of food education every month for 19 days

What is "food education?"

It is basic on living and becomes the basics of cognitive education, moral education, physical education.
We learn power to choose knowledge and "meal" about "meal" through various experience and are to acquire power that can practice the healthy eating habits.
Food education should practice through life from "child to adult" not "thing for child".
Because we can do it in the everyday eating habits, let's acquire approach, power to eat.

In this page, we tell about food education information of Midori Ward and we match information about food education of Yokohama-shi and send.

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★We introduce vegetable dish recipe for infants

 There are many children who do not like vegetables, but we are interested through dishes and come to be able to gradually eat by eating a little.
 We introduce dishes which we actually make with green Health and Welfare Center at cooking class (kids cooking) for infants who held and ate. 
(possible PDF file, print) ※Please click cover image.
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★We made start guide of food education. (April, 2016 issuance)
We can consider that contents click icon.

★Approach about food education of Yokohama-shi from this

2018 food education month lecture

※Business was finished in the H30 year.

Theme of 2018 is "milk Japanese dishes".

It is important to fix the everyday eating habits to be healthy, and to spend time.
Take in healthy, delicious "milk Japanese dishes" on dining table,
Let's practice the eating habits of "plenty of vegetables, salt a bit" in whole family!

※With "milk Japanese dishes"…
 Form of new Japanese dishes to take in milk to Japanese dishes.
 We reduce quantity of salt which is weak point of Japanese dishes by taste and body of milk and are idea sodium restriction dish which can supplement calcium which is apt to be short.



Tuesday, June 26, 2018
From 14:00 to 15:30 (the 13:30 opening)
Green public hall 
For healthy life expectancy 100 years old… Eat with ... milk Japanese dishes deliciously, and is healthy; ...
Person of dishes, administrative dietitian Hiroko Koyama
Come to 350 first arrival direct venue.

... which accepts application for ... childcare


We perform temporary childcare during lecture. Please refer for the details.


Object : Child preschool from 3 years old


Childcare time : Until 14:00 - lecture end


Application method : We accept by telephone or fax from 9:00 a.m. on Friday, June 1


Capacity : Ten first arrival

●We increase when we click lecture, event flyer ↓, and you can see●

2018 food education monthly event

※Business was finished in the H30 year.

To holding of "food education month lecture", we carry out event in open space in front of Midori Ward public hall, the ward office.
We exhibit a lot of food education booths to be able to enjoy in everybodies from child to adult. It is free to do participation. Please drop in.

Saturday, June 23, 2018
Until from 9:30 to 12:00
Midori Ward government office piloti others 


Ward office event space venue
 We will know ... food education
We introduce approach of food education of elementary school in Midori Ward
We experience in real foods model happily
 ... which meal of ... you looks like
We eat on tray with a choice of thing to want to eat and will be diagnosed

Ward office piloti venue
JA Yokohama comes over
 We will eat ... delicious Midori Ward vegetables from
We sell local vegetables
Dental health check by dental hygienist We can check check of power to chew using gum, sugar of drink
We tell about one point of toothbrushing
Let's do healthy check! We carry out height, the weight measurement, blood pressure measurement, the body fat measurement, bloodstream check


Midori Ward nutrition instructor, school nutrition staff society
As for the Midori Ward eating habits, it is member of improvement promotion society
Member of Midori Ward health practice promotion society
JA Shinji Yokohama Branch

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