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Delivery, child care


National Health Insurance

 When we gave birth member of National Health Insurance, delivery child care lump sum is paid.
 In addition, you must take out National Health Insurance when child does not join other employee health insurance.

420,000 yen
It is necessary for application
Health insurance card, private seal (thing using vermilion), mother and child health handbook, bank book of bank or reserve of account number

(note 1) As you are paid in the case of stillbirth, miscarriage if more than pregnancy 12 weeks, take certificate of doctor.
(note 2) As it is made supply (but it is only on the condition that it continues more than one year and worked at company), we are not provided with delivery child care lump sum from National Health Insurance from employee health insurance that person that we delivered company within six months after Retirement joined before.

 For more details, please see Health and Social Welfare Bureau homepage.

Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section
TEL: 045-930-2344 FAX: 045-930-2347

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