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Midori Ward government office parking lot moves to temporary parking lot (next Midori fire department) at one time

Access Parking lot congestion expectation  The use of current parking lot situation (Times parking lot homepage) [external link]


We invite public participation for company running stand at Midori Ward government office. (January 23 update)
[my number] News (January 13 update) about grant of my number card
[offer] Photograph size recruitment of inhabitants of a ward for the Midori Ward system 50th anniversary! (January 04 update)
About Midori Ward government office parking lot move (November 01 update)
We devised Midori Ward administration of a ward administration policy in 2016. (May 10 update)

What's New

[offer] We get on okapi type bus "zuppi" ★We take Midori Ward photo workshop village forest! It recruits no participants (February 21 update)
[suspicious call is receiving a telegram in 2/16 ward!] Midori Ward, wire fraud damage prevention information point of transmission (February 16 update)
About identification of 18 wards of urban greening yokohama fair cooperation event "making of pleasure of new forest" of the whole country trust candidate (February 15 update)
We updated midorimu schedule. (February 10 update)
We issued green kid calendar February issue. (February 09 update)
We updated the space situation such as authorization nursery schools in 2017! (as of February 7) (February 07 update)
About drink vending machine setting to Midori Ward social movement support center, we carry out general competitive bidding. (February 03 update)
[update] We release answer to public information yokohamamidori ward version January issue crossword puzzle (February 02 update)
We start application acceptance of green kid upbringing activity subsidy in 2017! (February 01 update)
We published the news from Director General "Year of the Rooster" (January 30 update)

We look for in life stage

Delivery, child care
Entrance into a school of higher grade
Employment, Retirement
Advanced age, care
The death

We look for in purpose

Application, proof  
Main application, procedure and time required
Yokohama-shi electron application service
Family register, resident certificate  
Resident registration, family register, Seal Registration
Payment method, certificate of tax, documents of tax
Insurance, pension  
National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), National Health Insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens
Medical care, health  
Emergency care, physical checkup, the medical expenses furtherance
Vaccinations, health consultation, inspection, classroom
Child care, education  
Delivery, child care support, nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school
The welfare  
The elderly, impaired one, social security
Road, park  
Road, traffic
Park, sewage, river, green earth tree office
Garbage, life hygiene  
Garbage, recycling, warming measures
Pet, hygiene, food hygiene of food, house
Town development  
House : Public lease, house in a development project, earthquake-resistant diagnosis
Town development : City planning master plan, the making of rule of town
Structure, polling place
Local action  
Lifelong learning, culture, sports, Neighborhood Association
Business, work  
Patente, work, labor consultation, information

Green photonews latest image

Public information yokohama ryokukuban January issue New Year's present present lottery (February 20)

Countdown facebook of the 50th anniversary of the Midori Ward system

Public information yokohamamidori ward version

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