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News from midorin  

Next, Midori Ward government office parking lot [next Midori fire department] relocated ward office from October 1, 2017

Access Parking lot congestion expectation  The use of current parking lot situation (Times parking lot homepage [external link])


[my number card] So that if grant postcard arrives, receiving hastens (no appointment necessary); (February 15 update)
We accept final income tax return (for 2017) only for medical expenses subtraction of year-end tax adjustment finished salaried employee at Midori Ward government office. (January 25 update)
[attention] Suspicious calls thought to be refund fraud occur frequently! (as of Wednesday, May 31) (June 01 update)
We devised Midori Ward administration policy in 2017. (May 09 update)
About "actions at the time of ballistic missile fall" news (to page of City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau crisis control room) from the Cabinet Secretariat (April 24 update)

What's New

Consumer life classroom holding! "Basic knowledge of home for exclusive use of elderly person" (February 15 update)
sanhochoenjikaijo on March 20 is closed on account of the venue. (February 07 update)
[update] We published green wall paper (February, 2018) (February 06 update)
Recruitment of Midori Ward childcare cooperators! (February 06 update)
We updated space information such as Midori Ward nursery schools in 2018! (as of February 6) (February 06 update)
We start application acceptance of green native upbringing activity subsidy in 2018! (February 01 update)
We released public information yokohamamidori ward version February issue. Check it out! (February 01 update)
Of Onozaki Director General and midorin "fell, and held love ♡ talk"! (February 01 update)
◆We hold "pet disaster prevention enlightenment lecture" ◆(February 01 update)
We updated midorimu schedule. (February 01 update)

We look for in life stage

Delivery, child care
Entrance into a school of higher grade
Employment, Retirement
Advanced age, care
The death

We look for in purpose

Application, proof  
Main application, procedure and time required
Yokohama-shi electron application service
Family register, resident certificate  
Resident registration, family register, Seal Registration
Payment method, certificate of tax, documents of tax
Insurance, pension  
National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), National Health Insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens
Medical care, health  
Emergency care, physical checkup, the medical expenses furtherance
Vaccinations, health consultation, inspection, classroom
Child care, education  
Delivery, child care support, nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school
The welfare  
The elderly, impaired one, social security
Road, park  
Road, traffic
Park, sewage, river, green earth tree office
Garbage, life hygiene  
Garbage, recycling, warming measures
Pet, hygiene, food hygiene of food, house
Town development  
House : Public lease, house in a development project, earthquake-resistant diagnosis
Town development : City planning master plan, the making of rule of town
Structure, polling place
Local action  
Lifelong learning, culture, sports, Neighborhood Association
Business, work  
Patente, work, labor consultation, information

Green photonews latest image

We are holding ward office garbage collection by category consultation corner every Wednesday (February 21)

Countdown facebook of the 50th anniversary of the Midori Ward system

Public information yokohamamidori ward version

Reader questionnaire

Green wall paper

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