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About "Yokohama education vision 2030" development
Yokohama education vision

 In City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat, we devised "Yokohama education vision" about figure which education of Yokohama aimed at in 2006 and wrestled for the realization. We will devise new vision which almost surveyed ten years in the future while fixing the eyes on the social shape of about 2030 following the fact that ten years almost passed from "Yokohama education vision" development, and being based on way of thinking of new course of study.

■Offer finished citizen's opinion to Yokohama education vision 2030 draft.
 Public comment about Yokohama education vision 2030 draft finished offer on Monday, January 15. Thank you for your large number of opinions. After the deliberation in City Counsil, we will publish in future as soon as contents are settled.
  PDFYokohama education vision 2030 draft (Portable Document Format 761KB)

 Yokohama education vision 2030 draft text version this (text format 24KB)
 Press release document

■Yokohama education vision
 In City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat, we established Yokohama education reform meeting in 2004 and, ahead of Fundamental Law of Education revision and course of study revision, considered about the way of education in Yokohama and directionality of reform and devised "Yokohama education vision" in 2006.
 ○Yokohama education vision (Portable Document Format 1.06MB) (October, 2006 development)
 ○The Yokohama education vision details are this


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