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It is ... to all of good will met for damage of ring ... "harenohi" to new adult

To all of you thinking of support

In Yokohama-shi, it recruits all of companies for support to all of you met for damage of "harenohi" widely. (as for the proposal from this (suggestion form)) (we raise services carried out by March 31, 2018.)

※In proposal, you have you read "theme type cowound front desk offer sheet" (Portable Document Format 432KB), and please confirm offer theme or condition of suggestion beforehand.
It is targeted for offer of 1 suggestion (1) We install special site accepting proposal of good will from all of companies for various places encountered "harenohi" damage as city in a lump.
(2) We publish proposal (service offer and plan) that we had in a lump, and various places met for damage can choose services from in "... to site all of good will met for ring ... "harenohi" damage to new adult" special by yourself.
About suggestion that 2 Yokohama-shi hopes for (1) New adults met for damage raise available services at free or actual expenses degree. (we introduce suggestion that we adopted in a lump in special site. As a general rule, we report and publish sequentially.)
(2) Please do with contents in consideration for feeling and burden on person met for damage. I decline normal business activity.
(3) When there are article or condition with need that user prepares for separately, please list in suggestion form by all means.
(4) We cannot accept proposal from individual (personal company is excluded).
(5) You explain conditions if you get a contact from person who looked at special site, and please offer services.
(6) Please inform the number of applications and the real correspondence number later in Motoichi.
※As a general rule, as for the hair make, it is necessary for person having beautician license to perform conformity confirmation in beauty place that we received based on the beautician method (1957 law 163rd).
Offer period From Friday, January 19, 2018 to Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Special site exhibition period From Friday, January 19, 2018 to Saturday, March 31, 2018 (plan)

 Reporting (suggestion form).

※We utilize structure of the Policy Bureau cowound promotion section "theme type cowound front desk" and recruit companies widely. (about the cowound front)

●To all of you thinking of support in individuals

 About the proposal that plans volunteer acceptance on suggesting mentioned above, we introduce offer contents to "all of you met for damage" of "harenohi" in page of list of proposals.
If there are contents which can cooperate, please connect with company directly.

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