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It is ... to all of good will met for damage of ring ... "harenohi" to new adult

New adults met for damage of "harenohi"

 We think with having been felt really hard without reaching fine place once in life called coming-of-age ceremony with smile. In addition, heart aches some other time when we think of feeling of family that this day was looked forward to. We visit heartily.
 We waited expectantly for my telling new adults about celebration. We feel strong resentment for this situation.

 Thereafter warm feeling to "want to be a help of various places encountered damage" is put much by the inside and outside of city on that day. On the day of the coming-of-age ceremony, arrangement of kimono and people whom we dressed came in a hurry. Want to make your departure bright some other time, when want to step forward forward brightly, many various places lend power. We established this site to tell all of you about proposal of such a good will, and to join feeling together.

 It is important "power" that each all of you made adult takes the future on. We give Yokohama-shi and support achievement in the future.

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 Proposal of support to all of you met for "harenohi" damage is put to Yokohama-shi. In this special site, we publish proposal of good will in a lump and accept proposal of support from all of companies.
◆To all of you met for damage
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   ◆To all of you thinking of support      
 Proposal is this)  

● About consultation about damage
・Consultation about contract trouble to Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center 
・Please be careful about the second damage! (Economic Affairs Bureau consumption economy section homepage


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