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About attendance at school of urgent refuge elementary school student student caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake
 When it is come to live for urgent refuge in Yokohama-shi, elementary school student students of this disaster area accepts Yokohama Municipal Elementary Schools, junior high school, high school school in particular at support school so that opportunity of attendance at school is secured.

To that there is child becoming new first grader by earthquake disaster in evacuated to to Yokohama-shi in the next fiscal year

Contact information
It is person in charge of education support section attendance at school about municipal elementary and junior high school
       Please consult with ward office Family Registry Division (college register charge) of ward where he/she comes to live about procedure.
       TEL 045-671-3270 
       FAX 045-681-1415

It is high school Education Section about municipal high school
       TEL 045-671-3272 
       FAX 045-640-1866

It is special support education consultation section about municipal special support school (department in the small)
       TEL 045-336-6002 
       FAX 045-333-1455

It is special support education section about municipal special support school (high part)
       TEL 045-671-3942 
       FAX 045-663-1831

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