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 Part-time service hijokin temporary worker adoption selection shokutakuinsaiyosenkouo conduct jisshishimasu saying that target sea bream carries intellectual chiteki disorder person person who is worth carrying.

 ※Learn the offer bosyuha end; possessed.

Part-time service temporary worker adoption selection summary hijokinshokutakuinsaiyosenkougaiyo saying that target sea bream carries person from nendo mental disabilities chitekishogainoaru person in energy
29 to the Heisei era


Period of employment koyokikan: Until the March gatsu 31 date not to sleep for energy 31 years to the power Heisei era on gatsu 1st in April not to sleep for energy 30 years to the Heisei era

           (possibility of update Koshin to year unit nendotanide four times worth we get out and are burr.)

We accept during reception desk period and do not work: Postmark existence work on the gatsu 20 date (water is not crowded) in - December on the gatsu 5 date (fire) in December not to sleep for energy 29 years, and do not force Heisei; say; in this way

The first selection daiichijisenkou: Paper screening shoruisenkou

The second selection dainijisenkou: Practical examination and jitsugishikenoyobi interview examination mensetsushiken
           The January gatsu 20 date (soil do) not to sleep for energy 30 years to the Heisei era

When carry offer contents and bosyunaiyooyobi application method obohohono in detail, offer guidance bosyuannaiogo * rankudasai of the next next.

Part-time service temporary worker adoption selection offer guidance hijokinshokutakuinsaiyosenkoubosyuannai (PDF pidiefu 1,474KB kirobaito)
Selection application senkoumoushikomisho (PDF pidiefu 510KB kirobaito)
Selection application entry example senkoumoushikomishokinyurei (PDF pidiefu 561KB kirobaito)
Resume rirekisho (PDF pidiefu 245KB kirobaito)
Resume entry example rirekishokinyurei (PDF pidiefu 267KB kirobaito)

※Yes, offer information bosyuannaio distribution lies down to each ward office Public Relations Section kakukuyakushokouhosodangakari, administrative Gyosei service corner or again following oyster mongo reference sakide Heisei from the gatsu 4 date in December not to sleep for energy 29 years.

■It is torn application application, mongo reference

All and butterfly 1-1 to lack in that the 231-0017 Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi side is better
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