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Employment information

Yokohama-shi public school teacher adoption candidate selection examination 

We published about conduct teacher employment examination end results announcement in 2017.

Information about examination, please click this.

2017 Yokohama-shi staff (unification school social worker) adoption selection

Nurse at 2018 Yokohama City Univ. special support school (temporary worker) offer (New!)

It recruits Yokohama City Univ. special support school working support instructors (temporary worker) in 2018 (New!)

... which raises temporary workers in ... 30

Recruitment of temporary appointment staff, part-time teachers

Elementary school, junior high school, Yokohama City Univ. wanting to know part-time teacher, staff of school nutrition (temporarily), recruitment of school office workers (temporarily) information teachers such as maternity leave substitutes of special support school, high school, please click this.

Yokohama City blindness special support school (ri*ka) teacher adoption candidate selection examination

... which we published announcement that we passed of examination in in ... 2016 

Offer of Yokohama-shi school skill temporary worker (school janitor)

 ... that offer of conduct was finished in ... 2017


Recruitment of Yokohama Municipal Elementary Schools part-time service dieticians (February 22 New!)

Recruitment of Yokohama-shi public presidents 

 ... that application for conduct selection acceptance was finished in ... 2017

One wanting to know recruitment of part-time service dieticians information of Yokohama Municipal Elementary Schools, please click this.

Other information


The offer end


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