We know Yokohama

We look for native district document of Yokohama

History of history of history of city article, city, city II
"Yokohama-shi history article" recorded list, explanatory notes of "Yokohama-shi history II" "the Yokohama-shi history". "The Yokohama-shi history" recorded table of contents information.
The history of each ward
About approximately 100 documents about the history including ward history of each ward, we recorded explanatory notes, table of contents information, photograph information, map information.
Tsurumi Ward   Kanagawa Ward   Nishi Ward   Naka Ward   Minami Ward  Konan Ward  
Hodogaya Ward   Asahi Ward   Isogo Ward  Kanazawa Ward   Kohoku Ward
Midori Ward   Aoba Ward   Tsuzuki Ward     Totsuka Ward   Sakae Ward   Izumi Ward   Seya Ward
Figure of change / ward world of ward
Forming anew Musashi topographical record article, forming anew Sagami country topographical record article, Empire geographical book others
From last part of Edo era, we recorded Meiji, Taisho, explanatory notes of geographical book which ran early in the Showa era, and was made and the former name of a village and list of contrast of the existing area.
Kanagawa prefectural history
We recorded list, explanatory notes of "Kanagawa prefectural history". About complete history, detailed exposition, we recorded table of contents information.

Digital archive Yokohama's Memory

Yokohama's Memory
It is digital archive which can search table of contents, index of native district document, illustrated map, digital images more than 10,000 points including picture postcard and native district document, native district magazine from keyword and chronological table. As for the collecting contents, please see this.

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