Volunteer activity is helpful; information

We tell about helpful information in doing volunteer activity to affect book including repair method of selection of book of story-telling and broken book. Of volunteer activity in school and area please refer to.

  Story-telling[Portable Document Format, 2.2MB]

   Story-telling volunteer handbook distributing in library publishes "let's enlarge the world of book".

  Song of children's song, toy

  Video introduces song of toy children's song which talks, and is usable in meeting.
In addition, we introduce reference book.

 Book Talk

  About Book Talk conveying pleasure of book to children,
We introduce how to make or reference book of scenario.

  We publish video of demonstration by librarian.

 Book repair[Portable Document Format, 1.3MB]

  We publish text using in repair course of library.



Chuo-toshokan volunteer activity introduction

Volunteer plays an active part in Chuo-toshokan!
About story-telling playing an active part in Chuo-toshokan, book repair, activity of bookshelf rearranging volunteer
We introduce.



We start delivery of volunteer e-mail magazine in October!

 We start delivery of City Library volunteer e-mail magazine in October, 2014.
It is useful for story-telling and repair of book, volunteer activity in area including maintenance of library room
We send event and information of City Library "every month". Please inflect for activity of everybody.

<email registration> It is method to transmit and receive email, and to perform nyutaikai.
<Web registration> It is method to access the Internet, and to perform nyutaikai.  


To person who is interested in volunteer activity

Person who is interested in volunteer activity look at this homepage.

Yokohama-shi social movement support center
  It is base of social movement, volunteer activity that Yokohama-shi sets up from 2000.
  We perform event about social movement and volunteer offer.
   In addition, support center is in each ward and offers information in each area.
 Recruitment of event volunteers
 Support center of each ward

Yokohama-shi volunteer center
  Person who Yokohama-shi Council of Social Welfare runs, and wants to do volunteer, person who wants you to do
 We work to connect.
  We give information for person recruiting volunteers, each person who wants to be active.
 In addition, volunteer center is in each ward and offers information in each area.
 Volunteer information
 Volunteer center (18 wards of borasen) of your town