Administration information

Public hearing information: Your voice
From opinion, suggestion sent by users, we place answer to it that it is representative.
We want to support library! (Yokohama supporters donation)
It recruits Yokohama supporters donations to inflect for the purchase of book doing book-reading activities and learning activity of child wealthily.
Yokohama City Library action plan
We let you link "Yokohama citizen book-reading activity promotion plan" devised in 2014 and "the second Yokohama-shi education promotion basic plan" and showed approach of Yokohama City Library of the next five years and, for the purpose of realizing measure premeditatedly, devised in March, 2015.
Yokohama City Library collection of books Five-Year Plan
We devised this plan in February, 2015 to work on new problem accompanied with change of social trend based on result and problem of "Yokohama City Library collection of books reconfiguration Five-Year Plan" (from 2010 to 2014), and to promote approach about the collection of books of Yokohama City Library comprehensively.
Yokohama City Library elementary school student service Five-Year Plan
We devised concrete approach of the next five years of elementary school student service in February, 2015 to promote book-reading activities which we accepted for stages of development of child based on "Yokohama citizen book-reading activity promotion plan".
Aim of Yokohama City Library
We gathered this "aim" about contents and approach posture of business that Chuo-toshokan and 17 regional libraries stimulated.
Library (Yokohama City Library annual report) of Yokohama-shi
We gather up the business results of last year, statistics of possession document, the use situation.
Management administration of Yokohama City Library
We explain designated manager system introduction to Aoba Ward, Yamauchi library.
Post of Yokohama City Library librarian personnel training plan
We devised upbringing plan for Yokohama City Library librarians in September, 2010 so that librarian showed ability depending on stage of the carrier formation while coping with environmental change and new problem to surround library service.
Yokohama City Library document collection standard
In library, we establish collection standard to become main guideline that we deal with document collection of each field.
Policy (privacy policy) about Yokohama City Library personal information protection
In library, we perform appropriate maintenance based on laws and ordinances such as Yokohama-shi ordinances of privacy protection concerned about collection, the use, management of personal information.
Information for advertisement business
We work on advertisement business positively to plan reduction of new finance and budget in library.
Auction information
We place auction information of library.
Job Opportunities
We place employment information of library.
Civic questionnaire result
We publish result of questionnaire that we carried out in library.
Web accessibility policy
We publish Web accessibility policy of homepage, online catalog page digital archive of library.
The Yokohama City Library regulations, rule and the main point
We publish about contents of the regulations, rule and the main point.

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