Yokohama City Library recruits "magazine sponsors"!

Recruitment of Yokohama City Library magazine sponsors!
It recruits sponsors supporting subscription of magazine and newspaper of Yokohama City Library.
We expand document and information to offer to citizen's all of you still more,
Library can help with research of citizen's all of you
Please cooperate to become "local information base".
Please inflect as "place of PR" of all of local company, groups!

With magazine sponsor system

 Instead of having library donate magazine, it is system to place advertisement of magazine sponsor in cover and magazine shelf of the magazine latest issue.
 A lot of hope to "want to read" the latest issue of magazine is always employed in hall. Many people use for popular document in library document every day.

◎1Conduct image
We attach your advertisement seal to magazine shelf. (10cm in height X less than 15cm in width)

We attach your advertisement flyer to cover for reading in hall of the latest issue. (to magazine size)

We publish company name, the location, contact information in Yokohama City Library WEB site.

PR effect to Yokohama citizen is expected!

☆The number of the people of annual admission of Yokohama City Library,
 Chuo-toshokan is approximately 7,770,000 people with approximately 1,060,000 people, all 18 building.
 …Number of users top-class in use of citizen facility, tourist facility in the city.

◎Enrollment of library card is approximately 930,000.
 …As population of Yokohama-shi is approximately 3,730,000 people (as of January 1, 2018),
Approximately one of four Yokohama citizens will have library card.

 *As statistics such as the number of the people of admission of Yokohama City Library release Yokohama City Library WEB site in "library (Yokohama City Library annual report) of Yokohama-shi", please see.

Summary of system

We look forward to application of all of company, group, stores!


We look forward to application of all of company, group, stores!
Application from all of advertising agency is possible, too.
 *One where donation of magazine is hoped for in personal one,
   Please connect with library which you want to donate directly (reference: Yokohama-shi libraries map).

◆Offer magazine, newspaper◆

From "list of recruitment of magazine sponsors building, offer magazines," please choose hall to hope for and magazine, newspaper. Simultaneous application to plural magazines is possible plural halls, too.
 *When plural applications are on same magazine, newspaper of equivalence building, it becomes first-come-first-served basis.

◆Application period◆

From Friday, January 19, 2018 to Friday, December 28, 2018
We intend for applications more than unit two months for one month.

◆Offer essential points◆

◆Introductions such as magazine sponsor company, group◆
Support to magazine sponsor system, thank you!
We are introducing company, all of groups having you donate magazine to Yokohama City Library as magazine sponsor now. Thank you for your support.
 ◎Introductions such as magazine sponsor companies

Flow of application

1 application

 We have you make "insertion application" and data of advertisement seal, advertisement flyer,
 Apply by email or mail.
 If there is during opening time, we accept even if we have you bring directly.
 *You see "introductions such as magazine sponsor companies", and please confirm yes or no of sponsor.

  [address] Municipal Central Library investigation Documentation Section magazine sponsor charge
      (the location) 〒 220-0032 1, Oimatsucho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi
      (TEL/FAX) TEL 045-262-7336/FAX 045-262-0054

Sending of 2 "notices of choice" and "written consent"

 We send "notice of choice" and "written consent" than Municipal Central Library after the application reception desk in around 1-2 weeks. Please send back to "written consent" on entry, seal.

Examination of 3 advertisement contents

 About advertisement contents of advertisement seal, advertisement flyer, we examine. Based on "Yokohama-shi insertion standard," we may ask for corrections such as advertisement contents.
 As you inform of result after examination, within one week before term of a contract, please submit advertisement seal that examination was completed and flyer to library to deliver magazine to directly (must arrive).

The delivery of 4 support magazines (or newspaper)

 Please deliver support magazine (or newspaper) published in term of a contract to application building by mail, jikomito. Please let magazine sponsor person in charge know as soon as delivery method is decided.
  *Please deliver magazine, newspaper each publication within three business days from sale date.
  [example of the purchase of magazine and delivery method]
   ◆For activation of regional economy, we have you apply for subscription at local bookstore,
    We deliver by delivery from bookstore.
   ◆You purchase at bookstores of near the company and deliver to library directly.
   ◆We have publishing company propose subscription and deliver by mail from publishing company.


As we carry out magazine sponsor business as one of "advertisement business,"
About contents of type of industry and advertisement of company which can become magazine sponsor,
"Yokohama-shi insertion summary" follows "Yokohama-shi insertion standard" and carries out.
You put the following summaries together, and, in application, please confirm.


"It may not be revealed", please feel free to contact "we want to see to hear story as we want to work as magazine sponsor".   

 Municipal Central Library investigation Documentation Section magazine sponsor charge
 (TEL/FAX) TEL 045-262-7336/FAX 045-262-0054

Request of book donation

We collect information such as books in Yokohama City Library and contribute to citizen's all of you widely and tell as important intellectual property in history.
Please cooperate to expand document to offer to citizen's all of you still more.
As for the details, please see this. →Request of book donation

☆To company, all of groups thinking about book donation

  We raise donation of book and children's book which are useful for research.  
New book
  1. When we have you donate more than 18 books (more than 20,000 yen),
  2. Or when we have you donate in average year,
 You want and honor by the following methods more.

  (1)We attach donation honoring seal on book which had you donate and are released.
  (2)We perform donation honoring display in library.
  (3)We introduce donation honoring in library HP.

◎The details are this → We raise donation from all of company, groups!

◎Page of donation honoring is this place → Thank you for your cooperation of book donation.

Information for other advertisements business carrying out in Yokohama City Library

In Yokohama City Library, to plan reduction of new finance and budget,
We work on advertisement business positively from 2005.
For details, please see this. → Information for advertisement business

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