Request of book donation

 We collect information such as books in Yokohama City Library and contribute to citizen's all of you widely and tell as important intellectual property in history.
 Please cooperate to expand document to offer to citizen's all of you still more.

   *For the book purchase for children, we accept support by donation.
  As for the details, please see this page.
  →◎We want to support library! (Yokohama supporters donation)


To person having book about Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

We try for collection of native district documents about Yokohama-shi and Kanagawa in Yokohama-shi library.
Case having book to give next when is published newly, please donate to library.

◎Native district document which was written about Yokohama-shi and Kanagawa
◎History of school relevant in Yokohama-shi, history of a company, history of Neighborhood Associations, commemorative magazine

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To one where we want to donate book which we have finished reading to

Please donate book which you have finished reading and book which became needless.
Particularly, please donate to library when you have book to give next.

◎Book within approximately five years after publication
◎Book with many reservations
 ※Book with many reservations publishes 50 high ranks in library homepage every month.
   Book 50 with many reservations
◎Children's book popular with children

Request on the occasion of donation ☆Please confirm before donating☆

On donation,
 ◎It is broken, and there are not sunburn and dirt, note
 ◎In the case of old encyclopedia and illustrated book, the complete series of literature and the complete series of art, we do not possess in City Library
I would like confirmation that there is in this.

・When you can cooperate with collection of documents, bring to counter of library of neighborhood.
・Please entrust handling of book which had you donate in library.
・Please note that you may not measure up to the kindness.
◎There is "reuse library" which we can provide to person wanting to read book which became unnecessary.
  For more details → ●City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau "reuse library"

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Toward company, the group thinking about book donation

We raise donation of book and children's book which are useful for research.

◎New book
1.When we have you donate more than 18 books (more than 20,000 yen),
2.Or when we have you donate in average year,
You want and honor by the following methods more.

  (1)We attach donation honoring seal on book which had you donate and are released.
  (2)We perform donation honoring display in library.
  (3)We introduce donation honoring in library HP.

◎As for the details, please see this page. → We raise donation from all of company, groups!

◎Thank you for having you donate! Page of donation honoring is this place

*It recruits magazine sponsors supporting subscription of magazine, newspaper of library!

Yokohama City Library recruits "magazine sponsors"!It recruits sponsors supporting subscription of magazine and newspaper of Yokohama City Library.
As supporting company-like advertisement notifies to magazines, please inflect as "place of PR" of all of local company, groups!
As for the details, please see this page.
   Yokohama City Library recruits "magazine sponsors"!

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To person wanting to do contribution to society through library

We raise donation of "book which is useful for research"!

List of donation hope books [pdf file: 232KB]
※We accept donation from one book.
※We accept regardless of personal one, company, group.

When we have you donate book which you listed in list with new article,
(1)We attach donation honoring seal on the back cover inside of donated book.
(2)We perform notice in hall of having had you donate in Chuo-toshokan.
(3)When we have you plurally (around 20) donate in a mass, we carry out display of donation book.

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About inquiry about donation

When you want to donate to case and Chuo-toshokan which you may not understand though we want to donate, please feel free to contact the following.

TEL: 045-262-0050

◎When you want to donate to library of each ward, please refer directly.
 Reference: Yokohama-shi library map

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