Reference to each library is this. Please refer to the nearest library.
The use of library
Please see usage guidance what kind of service you give in library.
Rental of book
Please refer to rented library for inquiry about rented book.
When we lost book card
When library card was lost, please report over counter of the nearest library or telephone.
Please refer to library in hope of receipt for inquiry about reserved book.
When person who registered password has online catalog page log in, we can check.
Please refer to Chuo-toshokan Service Section (TEL045-262-0050) for bookmobile (Hamakaze).
On scheduled patrol date, please see this.
The current situation of Yokohama City Library
Please refer to "library (Yokohama City Library annual report) of Yokohama-shi" for the current situation of library service of Yokohama-shi.
Opinion to this
"Voice" of public hearing, Yokohama citizen
We would like opinion about library administration to this.
About main opinion, suggestion about administration and service of Yokohama City Library put so far by users and answer for it "public hearing information place in page of voice" of.

We would like opinions about library homepage to Chuo-toshokan plan administration section. It should be reference of homepage administration based on opinion that all of you gave to.

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