Yokohama City Library e-mail magazine guidance

We deliver volunteer e-mail magazine

 We deliver City Library volunteer e-mail magazine from October, 2014. We send event and information of City Library which is useful for story-telling and repair of book, volunteer activity in area including maintenance of library room "every month". Every principle is 20 days a month on delivery day. In the case of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, closed days, 20th delivers to before and after. Please make use for activity of everybody.

<email registration> It is method to transmit and receive email, and to perform nyutaikai.
<Web registration> It is method to access the Internet, and to perform nyutaikai.

Method of delivery registration of volunteer e-mail magazine?

≪In the use is careful≫

  • 1.This e-mail magazine is for PC. When we have you register with address of cell-phone, we may not be displayed definitely.
  • 2.The use of service is free, but, about environment (facilities necessary for connection, communication expense) using E-mail, burdens registrant.
  • 3.When setting of the designated reception, reception permission of domain is necessary for unwanted e-mail measures, please appoint the next domain.
  • 4.When registered e-mail address cannot receive more than a fixed period of time, we may cancel registration regardless of intention of registrant.
  • 5.When we urgently perform check and maintenance, repair of system, service delays temporarily without being notified user beforehand or we may be stopped again by accident of disaster and communication line, other unavoidable circumstances. In addition, service delivers late, and we may not be delivered by circumstances such as carriers (cell-phone company).
  • 6.Yokohama-shi does not take all responsibility about direct or indirect loss, damage that occurred by the use of this service.
  • 7.About malfunction of delivery,, please ask a question.
  • 8.We forbid reprinting all or a part without permission.
  • 9.We do not use registered e-mail address other than the delivery of Yokohama City Library e-mail magazine.
  • 10. Please note that advertisement may be placed.

  • Please register with new address after change some other time to change delivery after canceling registration once.

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