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"Surprised present of Mary Mary" cover image "Old tale of thoraKorea of Mount Kongo" (Qum Gang Sun) cover image "Elmer and blueberry pie" cover image
Surprised present of Mary Mary
Joan G Robinson / product, picture
Komiya reason / reason
Iwanami Shoten
<picture book>
Old tale of thoraKorea of Mount Kongo (Qum Gang Sun)
kuonjonsen / modern version of old tales
chonsungaku / picture
kamiyaniji / reason
Gospel building bookstore
<picture book>
Elmer and blueberry pie
Jane Thayer / fence
We obtain Seymour fureishuman /
We bake Yuko Obika /
horupu publication

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 From published book, we introduce book which library recommends every month.
 As compass to enjoy book of child, please inflect from small child to adult widely.

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