Service to impaired person

Service to person with impaired sight

  • ●Meeting reading
  • In library, person of transliteration reads document you like aloud. Advance reservations are necessary for the use.
    Please connect with library which wants to use meeting reading directly.
    (in the contact information of each libraryThisPlease see this)


  • ●Rental of recording document, Braille document
  • We rent recording document, Braille document. We deliver from Chuo-toshokan to home.


  • ※Prior use registration is necessary for meeting reading and rental of recording document, Braille document. We accept registration in each library.
  •  ・It is one receiving grant of certificate of the physically disabled by visual impairment by residence or attendance at school, working in Yokohama-shi to be able to register.
  •  ・On registration, we confirm division, class of certificate of the physically disabled other than the name, address.


  • ●Visually impaired service apparatus of Chuo-toshokan
  • Extended reading device, printing type automatic reading device, DAISY (Daisy) reproduction recorder are available in Chuo-toshokan.
  • For more information:


  • ●Service in each library
  • For person who is hard to read small character, we comprise large printed book and extended reading device in each library.


Service to person with impaired mind and body

  • ●Delivery rental of book, magazine
  • Mind and body are defective and, in one having difficulty in visit to library, perform delivery rental of book and magazine.
  • ※Prior use registration is necessary for the use of delivery rental. We accept in Chuo-toshokan.
  •  ・It is certificate of the physically disabled, nursing notebook (notebook of love), mental patient health welfare notebook receiving either grant by residence or attendance at school, working in Yokohama-shi that can register.
  •  ・On registration, we confirm division, class of disability certificate other than the name or address.
  •  ・We cannot use together with rental at each library window (we cannot borrow book from person having library card anymore at window either).


(*) We report, and service stops service for system maintenance electronic application during until 8:00 on the next morning from 8:00 p.m. on second and last Wednesday.

 As for the application for delivery rental hope document of this period, <>, please contact Chuo-toshokan person with a disability support project person in charge by telephone (045-250-1619) or E-mail.


In addition, for  security enhancement of application, report system electronic from Thursday, March 29, 2018 from cell-phone (feature fonds) and some smartphones (thing before Android OS4.4 and iOS4) cannot use.

 When electronic application, report system is not available, even telephone (045-250-1619) or E-mail <> accepts application for delivery document.


  • ●To person needing conversation by writing
  • We offer board for conversation by writing on counter of each library. Please offer conversation by writing casually. 


Human library & workshop which "thinks about obstacle to know obstacle"

Health and Social Welfare Bureau obstacle Planning Division cosponsorship business

※It was finished.

In "human library of the morning," impaired person talks with "reader" as "valid book" for 30 minutes. In addition, we perform workshop in the afternoon. We display associated book in total.

 *It is not obstacle, individual conference about illness.
 *Application is different in part of the morning and part of the afternoon. Please be careful.

From date and time / Sunday, December 3, 2017 10:30 a.m. (the opening: at 10:00 a.m.)

(part of the morning) human library (mini-lecture by the person concerned)
     Do you not mention a variety of sense of values while you ask a question to hear story of "valid book?"

  This / which we live for
  ・"It having seemed that lost all" (person with visual impairment)
  ・"Symbiosis with society like manabino trip - oneself" (person with developmentally disabled (ADHD, ASD))
  ・"Incomprehensible obstacle" (person with cerebral palsy / speech impediment)
  From holding time /(1) 10:30 a.m. to 11:00
       (2)From 11:30 a.m. to 12:00
       *(1)We can listen to story of one "valid book" in time of each, (2).
       *(1)Contents which "valid book" talks about in, (2) are about the same every time.
       *Contents may be changed by physical condition of "valid book". 

  Capacity / <prior application system, first-come-first-served basis> participation for free
      (1)Each 12, (2) times (possible multiple application. Per one "valid book" to four people)
*We accept prior application among (1), (2) about time participating in.
         On the day we accept designation of "valid book" for 15 minutes of held time in each time.

        *Apply for person needing sign-language interpreter, abstract writing by Tuesday, November 21.

  Under application method / acceptance
    (1) Chuo-toshokan the first floor Help Desk
    (2) Telephone (045-250-1619)
    (3) Email (
*At the time of application "event name (in the case of human library (1), time of (2) hope), full name,
Please let know phone number.
      *Personal information that knew at the time of application from the secretariat such as cancellation of confirmation on the day present and course of communication
      We use only when it is necessary.               

(part of the afternoon) O! MORO LiFE PROJECT WORKSHOP 04 
    O! As for the person who does not have impaired person with MOROLIFE (omororaifu) project
  It is project thinking about activity to get over annoyance
and barrier to feel in everyday life.
   With report of each program that each team planned in workshop to hold this time and ran,
  We talk about future activity.
   Look happy! We want to be active together! Person who felt this, please participate in workshop.
       Even the first person can participate.

   Holding time / from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

   Capacity / <there are prior application system, first-come-first-served basis, sign-language interpreter> 40 participation for free

   Under application method / acceptance
   Application, inquiry:
The studio-L O!MORO LIFE
project secretariat (Ota, plains)
    (1) Telephone: 06-6155-5018 (we peep out on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
    (2) FAX: 06-6155-5018

Venue / (with the morning, the afternoon) Chuo-toshokan the fifth floor meeting room

Flyer (PDF 1013KB)
Poster (PDF 1019KB)

O!MOROLIFE PROJECT omororaifupurojiekuto (outside page)


    • Chuo-toshokan person with a disability support project charge
    • Direct telephone call, FAX number 045-250-1619

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