Bookmobile "Hamakaze"

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・Bookmobile "Hamakaze" carries approximately 3,000 books on board and goes around around far-off area from library and returns rental of book.
・Library card is common with Yokohama City Library. Toward the use, we issue library card on the spot for the first time. You can confirm address, and take (driver's license, health insurance card, student identification card). (please confirm in detail in page of registration)
・We can receive reserved book in bookmobile. (please confirm in detail in page of reservation service)
・We can repay in Yokohama City Library whether book which we borrowed in bookmobile has you return at the time of patrol. We can return book which we borrowed in Yokohama City Library to bookmobile.

Inquiry about patrol

There are cancellation of patrol caused by stormy weather, delay of arrival time by traffic condition.
As for the confirmation of service, patrol of the morning, please refer to the next number for patrol of the afternoon after half past 13 at after half past 9.

045-262-0050 (Chuo-toshokan)

*Chuo-toshokan, please refer to the next number only on facility check day (closing).
045-262-0055 (we show around patrol information on the day by automatic sound.)