Usage guidance

Opening time, closed days
Guidance about opening time and closed days.
Time and information to ask for book for for the first time for procedure when addresses changed.
About the use (the wide area use) of neighborhood city library
Guidance when citizen of neighborhood city uses Yokohama City Library when Yokohama citizen uses library of neighborhood city.
Rental, return
Information about rental and return for book.
Reservation service
When book you like is loaning, we can make a reservation.
Usage of Yokohama City Library online catalog page
Information for how to use document of "online catalog page" where there are search, reservation, confirmation of the use situation.
Reference service
Reference is service helping with matter for inquiry and search for information.
Online database reading service
We can read database contracting in library.
Diet library digitization document transmission service
We can read digitization document which National Diet Library sends for public library.
Internet reading service
We offer PC for homepage reading for investigation.
Public wireless LAN service
We offer public wireless LAN service (some libraries).
Microfilm reading service
In Chuo-toshokan, we install reader which can read microfilm.
Information dial
It is service that can identify the preparations situation of reserved book on the telephone for 24 hours.
Service to impaired person
Information about delivery rental of visually impaired business and book and magazine for meeting reading.
Service to reading group
We perform the reading spread of local libraries of support to being active.
Service for schools
It is service that elementary school, junior high school of Yokohama City Univ., the staff of a school working at support school and high school in particular can use.
Other services
Information for copying rate and picture music library.
Bookmobile "Hamakaze"
Bookmobile "Hamakaze" goes around the Yokohama city.
Book agency service
We can return with receipt of book of reserved Yokohama City Library.
If it may not be revealed by the use of library, please see this.
Request from library
Book of library is citizen's property. Please treat carefully.
Request of book donation
We ask for donation of native district document that book and City Library with many reservations do not have possession.
Information for book reuse
We install exchange space (reuse library) of book in libraries in Yokohama-shi.
Usage guidance (foreign language)
It is usage guidance of foreign language.

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