We held Yokohama-shi book-reading activities promotion network forum in 2017
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Date and time Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 10:00 to 16:45

Venue Municipal Central Library (1, Oimatsucho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi)
Approximately 300 number of the visitors

[sponsorship] City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat (lifelong learning cultural assets section / instruction Planning Division / Chuo-toshokan)    

 For one about book-reading activities, that we wanted to begin from now on, we performed lecture, class, display, talk session. 

<panel display>  
Panel introduced activity of "Yokohama-shi book-reading activity promotion plan" and school librarian.
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<school library utilization course>
So that "child cuts off scientific reading!"
Course by Maki Kanazawa child of member of scientific light reading society. By one book was introduced to charm of scientific reading and the way of introduction to child along book list. You displayed introduction book and were able to borrow from visitors.
 <Keynote Speech>
To connect book-reading activities ... with children for a long time deeply widely; ~
Lecture by Ryoko Sato of "child and coordinator of reading." It was story based on practice including meaning of sending book to children.
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 <talk session>
Pleasing ... of ... reading to be connected to talk about
About four book-reading activities in Yokohama-shi, we had you talk about opportunity or pleasure. In questions and answers from venue, there was thing to want to hear concrete story as oneself wanted to begin activity.
 <connection book display>
Many participants gathered to borrow introduced book in course and Keynote Speech.
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<experience society and workshop>
We performed experience-based meeting and workshop by book-reading activities group which had talk session go on the platform. We had you experience each activity, and alternating current at distance with a view of face including question and exchange of opinions was performed.
"One Old Motoichi" experience society "It is more pleasant in book workshop in town!"
 (naka ward book Festa plan)
 Report (one Old Motoichi)  Report (naka ward book Festa)
"Yokohama book club KURIBOOKS" experience society "Picture-story show of Hodogaya begins! "
("hodogayaekatari ~ be" oral narration)
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