Plan business

For the purpose of having you understand library service widely, promotion of use of library document, dispatch of local information, we perform various plans business in each library

Information for plan business
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[external link] History of Yokohama-shi reference library (the first floor of the Chuo-toshokan basement)

Talk about precedent; meeting

We talk and hold meeting every month in each library. Please enjoy programs such as story-telling of children's song and picture book.

Talk about precedent; meeting
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Autumn campaign

   "After all, as for from October 10 to November 30, autumn event is held in autumn of reading"!
   As for the details, please see special page.

About application
As application method varies according to entertainments, please confirm.
  • In the case of application over library counter or telephone, we accept on first-come-first-served basis.
  • We would like application over telephone during opening time on opening day.
  • In the case of majority of application with double postal card, it is drawn lots.
  • Entry items are as follows. We hope not to make any omission of entry.

Letter sent to get a reply ... hope event name, preferred date (when we choose), address, full name (when the consecutive name is possible for all the members), age (school year), phone number, other contents which were appointed
Return sincerity ... address column specification (address, full name of applicant)

Information for Yokohama City Library Twitter (Twitter)
We started information dispatch by Twitter (Twitter) on November 1, 2017.
We offer various information about City Library. Please from this in detail.