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Vibrio battle

With vibrio battle

 We connect person and person through book, and "vibrio battle" is intellectual book review battle to connect knowledge with with person. Butler (announcement participant) each brings favorite book and introduces within one five minutes. Viewer votes for book which we wanted to read most and decides "champ book" of most vote. Because viewer talks about book casually, Butler becomes place of pleasant communication, too.

 ※By "Yokohama reading variety of goods exhibition to hold in Yokohama-shi opening of a port memory hall on November 23," vibrio battle-related events are varied, too. Including "vibrio battle @ Yokohama reading variety of goods exhibition" that representatives of vibrio battle of each ward held so far gather in detail to this.

Vibrio battle that was held in library in 28

Vibrio battle experience course (meeting of green leaves book-reading activities promotion) (Yamauchi library June 16)

 We announced experience-based course and embodiment targeting at the staff of use of inhabitant of a ward facility in Aoba Ward.
Yamauchi library vibrio battle imageYamauchi library vibrio battle image

Vibrio battle in Yamauchi library (September 25)
 We discussed with announcement by four four groups with workshop type and performed four decisive battles that we won with stage type.
Yamauchi library vibrio battle photographYamauchi library vibrio battle image

We will experience! Vibrio battle in Kikuna (Kohoku library July 3)
 We performed mini-vibrio battle that we were divided into rule explanation of vibrio battle and small group.

Vibrio battle in Kohoku (Kohoku library October 23)
 It was hosted by meeting of Kohoku library friend and performed vibrio battle.
Kohoku library vibrio battle image

Let's try! Vibrio battle (Kanagawa library July 30)
 We performed simulated vibrio battle by the staff and experience-based vibrio battle that we contained participant.
Kanagawa library vibrio battle image

gachinko game mini-vibrio battle (Tsuzuki library August 18) of representative from continuance youth reporter vs. Tsuzuki library
 We received request that mini-vibrio battle in youth reporter vs. library librarians wanted to perform from continuance youth editorial department and performed gachinkobiburiobatoru.
Tsuzuki library vibrio battle imageTsuzuki library vibrio battle image

Book-reading activities is helpful; information

Service to reading group

In group and group working on the reading spread in area, we rent book. You can borrow a lot of numbers of books than rental by personal card for a long term, too.

・Group rental (in regional society moving into action for the purpose of promotion of book-reading activities in Yokohama-shi, social education group, member turn to more than 30 groups)

・Group rental
(product for groups where are higher than five active members about reading in Yokohama-shi)

For more details, please see page of service to reading group.



Book-reading activities promotion target of each ward

We devise aim to plan promotion of book-reading activities in each ward.
"We learn" Yokohama-shi lifelong learning page and can have dego *.


Book-reading activities promotion network forum

In November, it is citizen's book-reading activities month. To this, we hold book-reading activities promotion network forum "Yokohama reading variety of goods exhibition". We hold various events about reading.

Conduct report held in 2015 is this
Conduct report held in 2014 is this


We were introduced in the media

Dream laboratory, library network
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