"Learning" to deepen person and encounter, book and encounter, knowledge from library.

The ninth Yokohama in representative city of local production for local consumption!

Yokohama library school practical use course
 We had you talk about the current situation of agriculture of Yokohama and the future prospects and,
 We were introduced to how to cut without waste of vegetables, recipe using Yokohama vegetables.
 You go to sampling experiences such as comparing the tastes of demonstration of cooking and Yokohama vegetables and vegetables of other prefectures,
 It was a chance to mention charm of Yokohama vegetables directly.

Lecturer: Naoki Tsubaki 
[lecturer] Naoki Tsubaki (yokohama Greenpeace's representative director)

[the date and time] Saturday, March 3, 2018 Of "local production for local consumption in Yokohama flyer in representative city"
      From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (opening 1:30 p.m.)

[venue] Municipal Central Library first meeting room on the fifth floor 

 [the cosponsorship] Yokohama-shi Climate Change Policy Headquarters
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With "Yokohama library school"Yokohama library school "practical use course"Yokohama library school "culture course"

"Yokohama library school,"
It is general course "learning with book with person" to deepen intellect in library.

We add to "the highest study" to support your "learning" from different angles,
We take up high "problem of needs coherent to life and work" on theme.
We open a course in 2 series of "culture course" "practical use course".

As for the details of course raising and "Yokohama library school", please see this now.
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