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The mountains prospects from "Mt. wish capital" to enjoy on the seventh map - Yokohama


Yokohama library school culture course Port town Yokohama is "the Mt. wish capital" where I see mountain very well.
 Let alone Fuji, Hakone, Tanzawa, we come by viewing to Southern Alps and Mount Nantai, Mount Tsukuba.
 We know if we use map so that the name of mountain seeing is interesting.
 Including method to use PC software,
 We had you comment on method to enjoy mountain using map.
 In addition, we had you talk about charm, usage of former edition map.

[the date and time] Saturday, December 2, 2017 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

[venue] Municipal Central Library first meeting room on the fifth floor

[lecturer] Hiroshi Tashiro (Japan map center's consultant)

Lecturer: Hiroshi Tashiro
 It was born in Hiroshima for 1,950 years. We sometimes move to Yokohama-shi for elementary school six years.
 High school (four schools in Yokohama-shi) Kanagawa more Prefectural than 1972,
 We work in Univ. of Tsukuba attached high school (social studies geography teacher).
 Japan map center works from 2015. Incumbent than 2017.
 We often appear in media as "Mr. Fujiyama".
 There is much writing about map and Mount Fuji.

[the cosponsorship] Japan map center

[on the day book list which we distributed]
Flyer of "opening ... to widen in world - library of map"List of books concerned (PDF: 355KB)

State of venueState of venueState of venueState of venue

▼"Opening ... to widen in world - library of map" is held▼
 [period: for from Tuesday, November 21, 2017 to Sunday, December 17]
  1 plan display "Japanese form - Meiji, map ~ of Taisho, Showa"
    Venue: Chuo-toshokan the first floor display corner
    Cooperation: Japan map center
    Display list, references (PDF: 631KB)

  2-related plan display
    (1) The third-floor Yokohama document section valuable document display "map of Ozaki wealth Goro"
    (2) The fourth-floor natural science section "world - - to measure, and to describe, and to use of map"
    (3) The fifth-floor humanities section "world - - to learn, and to read, and to walk of map"

[guidance of Municipal Central Library the third floor "map corner"] State of map cornerState of map corner
 Topographical map, topographical map of all over Japan, Japanese map, world map,
 As for house map, overseas map, the road map,
 It is corner that is useful for investigation with various maps.

[Chousa no Mikata "knows Yokohama"] 
 We collected information to be helpful when we checked thing about native district including Yokohama-shi and Kanagawa
 In page of "we know Yokohama", we introduce map, land handbook, aerial photograph of Yokohama
 "We check the place name, name of a street of Yokohama" other than "we look for map of Yokohama",
 We introduce "house map catalog in Chuo-toshokan possession Yokohama-shi".
 In addition, on Chuo-toshokan the third floor, we possess Yokohama and document of Kanagawa relations
 As there is "Yokohama document section", please inflect.

[guidance of "digital archive Yokohama's Memory"]Digital archive Yokohama's Memory
 With digital images more than 10,000 points including native district document, illustrated map, history map, picture postcard,
 Table of contents, index of native district document, native district magazine,
 It is digital archive which we can search from keyword and chronological table.
 As for the collecting contents, please see this.

With "Yokohama library school"Yokohama library school "practical use course"Yokohama library school "culture course"

"Yokohama library school,"
It is general course "learning with book with person" to deepen intellect in library.

We add to "the highest study" to support your "learning" from different angles,
We take up high "problem of needs coherent to life and work" on theme.
We open a course in 2 series of "culture course" "practical use course".

As for the details of course raising and "Yokohama library school", please see this now.
 → "Yokohama library school"

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