Yokohama library school

"Yokohama library school,"

It is general course "learning with book with person" to deepen intellect in library.

Held stateParticipant and lecturer who talk in groupParticipant who reads related document

・We add to "the highest study" to support your "learning" from different angles,
 We take up high "problem of needs coherent to life and work" on theme.
 We open a course in 2 series of "culture course" "practical use course".

・I send in flexible course-style including a great number of people, lecture type, talks type from a small number of people.

・Librarian of library introduces book in conjunction with theme of course.
 We go step further and can deepen learning without simply hearing lecture.

Culture course
 "Culture course" to learn the highest results of research in science, technique, the history, academic field including art. 
 Logo mark is formed by learning culture
We image  lighthouse lighting up "indicator (light) of the life".

Practical use course
 "Practical use course" to learn knowledge to be useful for problem solution in life including law and management.
 Logo mark towards "solution,"
We image  ship which we begin to row in the ocean.

Scheduled course of 2018 (the second half of the year)

Cancer of blood Odaiba of Yokohama Adult guardianship Microplastic

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