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 "Study seems to be difficult" is place that people thinking, "we want to see to hear what we do not understand" can talk about casually with researcher who "Yokohama library cafe" is the highest, and plays an active part. Of the field of every time various arts and sciences is the highest, and guest playing an active part explains high quality results of research by plain words, and librarian introduces with document which is rich in this hotel possession that selected carefully.

As place of intellectual information sharing to learn from person, and to learn by oneself, we bind the highest study and citizens together. Please feel unexpected fun of "study" with difficult image.

Yokohama library cafe to hold from now on

◆Do not become the 50th distrustful nature; or the Sea of Japan (May 20 holding) [held, and was finished]

*Please tell sign-language interpreters that consideration is hoped for at the time of application.
*We manage personal information that had you fill out at the time of application according to rule of "the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information" appropriately,
 We use only when cancellation of application reception desk and course needs communication.


◆Yokohama library cafe 2016 2015 2014 2013 before 2012 (PDF: 95KB) when we held so far


State of cafe corner

I would like bringing of "my cup"! 


   As tool relaxing feeling of participants as means of the making of atmosphere to soften place again, drink plays a very big role that guest is easy to talk and fixes environment that participants speak lively. You put tea that it is place of the highest intellectual information sharing, and "Yokohama library cafe" is delicious together and can enjoy. Please participate!
 In addition, for "Yokohama 3R dream" promotion, I would like bringing of "my cup".

Logo of Yokohama Eco school

※We carry out Yokohama library cafe as Yokohama Eco school (YES) which is place of various learning about the issue of environment, global warming.

◆Do not become the 50th distrustful nature; or the Sea of Japan

Photograph of Gamo of lecturer

 A certain Sea of Japan gives various blessings for we Japanese between the Japanese Islands and the Eurasian Continent,
It is necessary important existence.
However, value of the Sea of Japan is too natural and, for most people, thinks that it is rare that we are usually conscious.
 By this lecture, we gather up about constitution and characteristic of the Sea of Japan with the latest marine research data and,
We talk about "change to be worried" about to come from recent global warming, and to steal up the Sea of Japan depths.


  • [guest] GamoBut, already shunuyamai Mr. toshitaka (University of Tokyo atmosphere Ocean Research Institute former professor)
    [brief career history]
    We are a graduate from University of Tokyo department of science chemistry department for 1,974 years
    Doctoral degree course in 1979 University of Tokyo graduate school science system graduate course chemistry specialty completion
    1981 Ocean Res. Inst., Univ. of Tokyo assistant
    1992 same as above assistant professor
    Professor 2000 Hokkaido University graduate school science graduate course
    2003 Ocean Res. Inst., Univ. of Tokyo's professor
    2010 University of Tokyo atmosphere Ocean Research Institute professor
    2017 same as above retirement at the age limit
  • [the date and time] Afternoon of Saturday, May 20, 2017 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. (opening 1:30 p.m.) [held, and was finished]
  • [meeting place] Municipal Central Library first meeting room on the fifth floor
  • [capacity] 40 (application first-come-first-served basis)
  • [participation application method] 
  •  We accept from 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 and start
  •   1 telephone (045-262-7336)
  •   2 E-mails (
  •   3 Chuo-toshokan the third floor counters
  •   * Please tell "course name, full name, phone number" at the time of application.
  •    Please tell sign-language interpreters that consideration is hoped for by 5:00 on the afternoon of Friday, May 12.
  • [the cosponsorship] Yokohama-shi Climate Change Policy HeadquartersLogo of Yokohama environment-conscious school

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