Plan display "art exhibition to enjoy by catalogue"

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 At exhibition, "catalogue" which settled plate and commentary of display work is made.
It is catalogue that a lot of things which do not circulate in general bookstore are apt to be limited to the purchase in exhibition meeting places,
In Municipal Central Library, we possess approximately 1,400 points of exhibition catalogues.
 With Yokohama Triennale 2017 holding, we decided to display catalogue about art.
 For example, 11 points of catalogues which Chuo-toshokan possesses by art exhibition which assumes Pablo Picasso the subject.
As for the plans that focused on work which made plan, child who assumed ceramic art work Maine when we compared each motif,
Art exhibition of totally different opening is held in same Picasso.
 We have you discover their new charm by this display by displaying plural catalogues which handled the same painter and tell about pleasure of art exhibition.

State of display State of display State of display


From Wednesday, September 20, 2017 to October 9 Monday (holiday)
*During display period, there are none for closed days.

Meeting place

In front of Chuo-toshokan the fifth floor elevator

Display contents

*From Wednesday, September 20 to Friday, September 29 in the first half of exhibition period
   Japanese painter (Taikan Yokoyama, Kanzan Shimomura, Kaii Higashiyama)

*From Saturday, September 30 to October 9 Monday (holiday) in the latter half of exhibition period
   Foreign painter (Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Paul Cezanne)

*Yokohama-bijutsukan art exhibition catalogue

*Introduction of Yokohama-bijutsukan art information center



★On Saturday, October 7 during display period, "what is jobs of curator Yokohama library school? -We carry out in the case of Yokohama-bijutsukan.
 Specifically, it is this

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