Note, consultation

From location confirmation of book and everyday small question to intelligence necessary for work, search for document of research, ask the staff of each library casually.
In library, we introduce document helping solution to note of all of you.


Reference is service helping with matter for inquiry and search for document, information using document of library.
"Is there document about ○○?" We accept consultation "we check ○○, but is there document serving as a reference?".

Reference application method
Reference casebook

mikata (document, information to help note) of investigation

We publish list of document which it is hard to look for by list according to hint and theme of way of checking of books, collection of books search to be helpful when we perform study.

mikata of investigation

Note convenience collection of links

When library, laws and ordinances, precedent, corporate information performed study, they attracted convenient sites.

Note convenience collection of links

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